Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thalassotherapy - The Incredible Healing Abilities of Seawater

Thalassotherapy is the perfect way of combining pleasure and health. 

The name of this therapy comes from the Greek word "thalasso" which means sea. In simple words, the beloved sea is not only fun and relaxing but very healthy. This is due to the health benefits of seawater, sea salt, sea algae, marine mud and the shore climate.

The History Of Thalassotherapy

Healing with sea water is an age old way for achieving health and vitality. It has been used by ancient civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians. It's healing powers have been praised by Plato, Herodotus and the father of medicine- Hippocrates.

Thalassotherapy becomes very popular during the 18th century mostly in France and Britain.

In the end of the 19th century, the french naturalist Rene Quinton (known as the french Darwin) proves the link between blood plasma and seawater, by showing that leukocytes can live in seawater.

In 1899 the french doctor Luis Bago creates the first center for Thalassotherpay named Roscoff.

Ever since that Thalassotherpay's popularity kept growing and now you can see it offered in many SPA salons.

seawater healing

What Does Thalassotherapy Heal?

This sort of therapy is especially beneficial for people who have problems with their lungs, nervous system or circulatory system. The minerals, vitamins and salts found in improve the blood circulation, the immune system, the metabolism and the hormonal balance.

It is also believed that Thalassotherapy opens the pores of the skin and allows it to absorb trace elements of calcium, sodium, potassium, and iodide. This is great for treating many skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, inflammation and is also beneficial for reducing the appearance of cellulite and skin detoxification.

Thalassotherapy is a great way for treating rheumatic conditions and different injuries.

Walks in shallow waters are thought to be very good for people with varicose veins.

Thalassotherapy is good for people suffering from allergies, due to the fact that the air in sea regions contains much fewer allergens.

The sea therapy is also effective in treating hair loss and seborrhea. It is also known to cure depression and relieve stress.

With summer here, is there anything stopping you from going to the beach and getting all of those health benefits?

Well, of course not all of us live by the sea. If this is the case, you can still get Thalassotherapy in most SPA salons.

Enjoy relaxation and better health!

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