Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Burn The Fat Inner Circle 1 Million Steps Challenge

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Today I want to let you know about something that gets me very excited ! Today- June 6th 2013 is the day that gives the start of the 1 Million steps challenge.

What is the challenge?

Tom Venuto, author of my favorite fat loss book - Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, has decided to launch yet another challenge in his burn the fat inner circle. According to him very a important reason for the high obesity levels among the American population is the fact the average person takes as few as 5000 steps a day (I know that it may sound a lot at first, but it's not!). This is due to the couch/desk potato lifestyle of today- most people get up in the morning and hop in their car, reach their work places and sit for the entire day behind their desk, then they hop in the car again and go back home only to spend the rest of their day in front of the TV.

SO the challenge is- walk 10 204 steps for the next 98 days (it equals 1 mil.)!

10 000 is not just a random number, it is the mark at which health and fitness authorities consider a person
"very active".

As always Tom's challenges are great because they involve a lot of people (inner circle members), who keep each other motivated and give a lot of support- it is a true fat loss community at it's best!

Why would you take such a challenge?

It has much more benefits that you would suspect! This challenge will not only improve your shape and overall health, but it will build a lot of character simply because it takes persistence and determination to stick to a "very active" lifestyle for 98 straight days! Being involved with it for such a long period will build an incredible momentum which will take you to the next level of fitness and health.

There is another great benefit. The benefit of getting involved with a community that will help you stick with the challenge throughout the rough times and you will make a bunch of friends, all of which walking the same path as you are. This path is much easier when you are sharing it with someone, trust me!

How do you track your steps?

Simple! You can use any pedometer like FitBit, Nike Fuel bands, Body Media, Jawbones and others.

How to start the challenge?

If you are a Burn the fat inner circle member you can just start on your own and log in to the members area to upload results, share your experience, get support and find walking buddies. However, you can even take the challenge if you are not a member and just do it for yourself!

If you want to become a member, my advice is to get Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle - this way you will kill two birds with one stone, or actually make that 5 birds.

Why 5 birds?

  • Well if you order it now you receive the 300 page book, which is truly the most amazing fat loss book I've ever come across,
  • The Foods That Burn Fat report
  • The Foods That Turn To Fat Report
  • The A food B food lecture - Food Choice Grading Guide
  • The How To Measure Your Body Fat in the Privacy of Your Own Home, 
  • and of course a 60 day free membership to the inner circle all for $39.95! 

Simply Click Here To Get Started!

Is someone up for a challenge? I know I am!!

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bestessays said...

I am in for this million step challenge as,I also don't want to be the couch potato.I hope to loose some weight by following this challenge regularly.