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Discover What Exactley The Famous Paleo Diet Is

the caveman diet
Many of you have probably heard of the Caveman or the Stone age diets, right? These are other names for the Paleo diet. It's called this way because it's based on our stone age ancestor's lifestyle and eating habits. Why would someone live like a caveman? Well according to the Paleo diet proponents, there has never been a fat caveman!

I don't know if that's actually true, but never the less, there is science behind this diet and it does seem to work. So let's have a look at the science behind it, shall we?

The cornerstone of the Paleo diet is the belief that the human race has not adopted to certain foods, which have recently found their way into our lives. This means that we should only eat what our ancestors had at their disposal, mainly- animals, eggs, fish, shellfish, vegetables, herbs, fruits, roots, seeds and tree nuts. And the foods that should be avoided are grains (even whole grains), legumes (I don't recommend avoiding legumes, in fact I believe them to be a superfood!), dairy, potatoes, processed oils, refined sugar and any other food which came into our diet after the development of agriculture.

Now the main argument is not that these foods have a very poor nutritional value, in fact most of them have an amazing value, however, because the human organism isn't fully adopted to digesting them, they cause a cellular inflammation, a flood of bad hormones and a bunch of diseases and conditions including type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and others. An interesting point is that after the introduction of these foods the rates of obesity have skyrocketed.

human junk food evolution

So if you are wondering how to incorporate the Paleo diet into your everyday life, I have found an example of a Paleo day so to say (fortunately it doesn't include running from a saber tooth!)

  • Breakfast- Scrambled (in olive oil) Omega 3 or free ranging eggs with a fresh fruit and a cup of green tea
  • Snack- A serving of a lean meet (like beef or chicken) and fresh fruits
  • Lunch- Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast and a healthy dressing like olive oil and lemon, and another green tea (green tea is recommended due it's weight loss properties, however, if you don't fancy that much caffeine you can go with a different herbal tea)
  • Snack- Here you can get a serving of fruits and nuts/seeds like apples and raw almonds or chia seeds for example
  • Dinner- In order to keep your sanity, you can include something that wasn't actually available to our ancestors, but you really like and is still at least kind of healthy (this is allowed up to 3 times a week). In our example this will be a glass of wine. So for dinner you will get all of it- veggies, nuts, lean meat and fruits- For the veggies part, you can go with steamed broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and artichoke. For the meats, you can choose from chicken or turkey breast, beef, fish and game. As for the nuts/ seeds, considering you had either almonds or chia seeds as your snack, you can go with raw walnuts now (variety is a must). And for our favorite part- dessert, you can have a bowl of blueberries, strawberries, grapes or raisins.
This is pretty much what I can give you on the Paleo diet at this point, in further posts I promise to go deeper into some of the details. For now I do recommend having a look at a system that could make this much easier, organized and efficient for you.

The system I recommend is PaleoBurn Fat Burner. This program will give you amazing insights into how your body works, how to burn fat the Paleo way and many more amazing lifestyle benefits. If you get the program now you'll actually get 5 things:

  • The PaleoBurn fat burner system
  • PaleoBurn Quick start guide
  • PaleoBurn Foods list
  • PaleoBurn Audio edition
  • PlaeoBurn Fat burning cookbook

But what truly makes this program amazing is not only the great information and support it offers, but the person behind it- Ken Burge. The Paleo diet helped him turn from an obese person, suffering from diabetes to a role model. His story is truly touching and inspiring, that's why I recommend that you visit his website and make sure you have enough time to watch the entire video about his life, the changes he made and how he can help you. It is truly worth your time!


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