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10 Plant Extracts That Cure Cellulite

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Once again the best cures for any condition are found in mother nature. This time it is the nasty and hated cellulite. This condition has had a devastating effect on the social life of too many people. It is characterized by the small dents on the skin of the legs, butt, belly, arms and other body parts. These small dents have also earned it the name orange skin and  the reputation of one of beauty's biggest enemies.

What is Cellulite and What Causes It

So how exactly does mother nature help us overcome this condition? Well, I am glad you asked. She gives as a variety of plants that are able to fight it off for good, you just have to know where to look. So without further ado, here is the list of 10 plant extracts that cure cellulite and help your skin be at it's best:

Caffeine extract

We have already discussed how caffeine extract can erase cellulite in a previous post, but let's refresh our memory.

Rubbing caffeine onto the areas affected by cellulite will help in two major ways. First it stimulates the blood flow into the area which helps the blood to flush away the toxins and supply fresh nutrients. Second it stimulates the metabolic processes. If you have some of my other posts, you should know that metabolism is a natural process of creating energy by burning fats. By reducing the amount of toxins and fat in the area you will make a big step towards a cellulite free future.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract has very much the same features of caffeine extract. This is mostly because of the fact that green tea itself contains caffeine.  So instead of going over the same benefits again, let's just move to the next extract.

horstail extract
picture of horsetail / source: flickr

Horstail Extract

Horstail extract helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by providing a trace mineral that is essential for your skin. This mineral is called silica. It is known to benefit skin elasticity, it's healing process and the reduction of cellulite. After getting this nutrient your skin will be much firmer.

Algae Extract

Algea extract is known for many health benefits, but the ones that help cure cellulite are once again increased blood circulation, detoxification, increased cardiovascular health, increased fat burning and anti-inflammatory properties. According to some sources, one of the main reasons for cellulite is inflammation, so the last benefit is also very crucial.

Gotu Kola Extract

This herb has showed the amazing benefit of increasing the collagen synthesis. Collagen is extremely important for your skin. It is actually the main component of your connective tissue. A decrease of this component can lead to cellulite, which makes its synthesis very important to you. Other benefits of Gotu Kola are the previously mentioned detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

capsicum extract
capsicum/ img souce: flickr

Capsicum extract

Capsicum extract is also used to promote blood circulation and an increase in the metabolism of fats. I guess I forgot to mention that the build up of toxins is one of the main reasons behind cellulite. You can understand why a better blood circulation and detoxification is crucial and why most of the extracts in my list have this in common.

Fennel Extract

This herb extract is helpful primarily thanks to it's detox abilities and high amount of minerals and vitamins that are essential for your skin's health.

 Aloe Vera Extract

It is known to reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin. Inflammation is not only a cause for cellulite, but can also lead to long term skin damage. This makes Aleo vera extract very important.

ginkgo biloba
ginkgo biloba/ img source flickr

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo strengthens the veins which helps blood circulation, stimulate detoxification and improves fat metabolism.

Grapeseed Extract

It Is known for improving cardiovascular health and inhibiting the two enzymes that harm connective tissue- collagenase and elastase. It is also a great anti-oxidant that promotes detox.

These are the 10 plant extracts that cure cellulite, I tried to keep it short and to the point so reading this post doesn't consume too much of your time.

What you can do to get those plants to work for you is to find a cream that contains them and apply them on the affected area. You probably think that for some of them you can find an oral version as opposed to a topical cream, however, if you really want to cure cellulite you better use a cream. This way they will reach the desired area in a much much more concentrated form. There are a variety of creams, based on those extracts. My advice is to find one that contains all of them, instead of focusing on a single herb type of cream. Most of them show much greater results in a combination.

The cream that I would recommend is Revitol Cellulite Solution. It contains all of these and many other great ingredients like Shae butter, Retinol A, Horse chestnut and others. This formula aims in not only removing cellulite, but also helping the skin recover and get back to it's natural beauty. Just like nature intended it to be. They also have some pretty good deals, when buying more than one tube. For more info on Revitol, click here to read my review!

As I told you, I tried to keep the post to the point so if you still have some questions left unanswered don't hesitate to send me an email at or leave a comment.

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Salimo said...

Thanks for penning this informative and eye-opening blog post, it was a good read. I will definitely checkout those plant extracts to cure my body cellulite as soon as possible thanks for sharing your ideas.

Vanessa. said...

Very good article! One question; Is it poosible to use only the plants, without having it as an ingredient in a cream? Like with the coffeine extract, can I just smear some of it on my "damaged" areas?

SSotirov said...

Hello Vanessa :)

Yes, it is absolutely possible to just use the plants. Just smear some twice a day.

The only benefits of the cream is that it is more effective (beacuse it is a combination of ingredients) and it is not as messy (the cream will dry out within minutes as opposed to the oils from the plants or the caffeine extract which will take much more time). However, of course, the plant extract would be much better on your budget :)

Good luck! And I would love it if you let us know how whatever you chose, worked for you :)

Jennie said...

Maybe this can be the next thing I would be trying for my cellulite. I have been trying almost every product out there to get rid of it and I can't find one that best suit me. Thank you for sharing.

SSotirov said...

This will indeed help you get rid of cellulite, but the two main things are having a proper anti-cellulite diet and doing specific exercises (not just any exercises) that get rid of cellulite. Click here to find out what a proper anti-cellulite diet looks like and click here to see a few sample cellulite reducing exercises (with videos)

Jonathan Smith said...

It is very tough task to get rid of Cellulite, but when I read above information to reduce cellulite, I will definitely try above way to get benefits in Cellulite. Thanks

Ashlyine Brooke said...

If you're seeing bumps on your behind, you're in good company. About 90 percent of women and virtually no men have cellulite, fat cells found underneath the top layer of the skin that have squeezed between bands of connective tissue, or collagen, attaching your muscle to your skin.anti-cellulite cream

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

This time it is the nasty and hated cellulite. This condition has had a devastating effect on the social life of too many people. It is characterized by the small dents on the skin of the legs, cellulite factor reviews