Thursday, April 25, 2013

Working in a Workout While Travel

Even those who lead a healthy lifestyle at home can find it difficult to maintain a good fitness routine while traveling. A little advanced planning and some reasonable expectations can help you stick to healthy habits anywhere you go.

Make sure to do some research concerning your destination before leaving. If you have the option of booking your own accommodations, try to select a hotel that offers fitness amenities that suit your preferences. On a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to book a hotel with a brand new fitness studio because I did some studying on a travel reviews site beforehand. This site gave me a list of hotels in San Francisco where I was able to click through and see whether the amenities were up to par. Yoga enthusiasts will enjoy a hotel with in-room yoga videos or yoga classes offered in the fitness center. Runners should look for accommodations with running trails or other accommodations.

• During your trip, try some of the following tips to stay fit:
• En route, whether you fly or drive, take the opportunity to do a few stretching and mobility exercises in your seat. 
• When you arrive at your hotel, take the time to locate fitness facilities and get oriented to your new surroundings.
• Before heading to meetings or other activities, spend some time stretching or moving through a few basic yoga positions in your room. This will help refresh you and get you grounded.
• If you belong to a nationwide gym, check to see if you can go to a local branch during your stay.
• Although your schedule may not allow you to complete the same workout you do at home, even a half-hour workout a few mornings a week will help.
• Do what you can whenever you can. If you have a few minutes between meetings, take that time to stretch or do a few aerobic exercises. Some fitness enthusiasts find five to ten minutes in the bathroom a great opportunity to knockout a few pushups, sit ups and jumping jacks.
• While traveling, also be careful to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. Don’t forget that this is a very important part of fitness.
• Along the same lines, be sure to pack healthy snacks and eat healthy meals throughout your time away from home. By following these tips and paying attention to opportunities for fitness, you can successfully keep exercising while you travel.

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