Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Is Detoxification and Why Do We Need It?

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In this introduction post we are going to talk about the basics of detoxification or detox for short.

Detoxification is a natural process during which our body cleanses itself from the toxins that have built up mostly because of stress, infections, food, water, air and general environment risks.

The vital organs that partake in this natural process are

  • liver 
  • kidneys
  • lungs
  • skin
  • blood
  • lymphatic system 

These organs work towards their common goal of removing the toxic chemicals from our bodies.

Usually our body is designed to be able to detoxify on it's own, however, many experts point out that today's world is much more toxic than ever, and our body actually needs a little help to keep up. And really, when we look at it, it's obvious that our bodies could not have possibly adapted to today's processed foods, tap water contamination, air pollution, stress and much more. It's simply too much!

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As I just told you detoxification is a natural process, but in most cases when people are speaking to you about detox they probably mean detox diets and plans. This is exactly what is intended to be the body's little helper in the war against toxins.

There are many detox plans out there and many of them consist of different things like raw food plans, juice fasting, enemas, supplements, colon cleanse and others. Really, the variety is huge and it's up to you to choose what suits you best.

In following posts I will explain different things about detox in a more detailed manner, tilled then you can asko any questions you have at or by leaving a comment.

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