Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscles- What An Amazing Book!

burn the fat feed the muscle book coverI just finished reading an amazing book about weight loss, or actually fat loss. I am so excited about it because it really makes fat loss simple! This guide covers so many topics, that I personally don't think you would ever need to read anything else (at least anything that covers fat loss of course)!

The book I am so crazy about is Burn the fat, Feed the muscles by Tom Venuto. It covers topics like

  • why dieting and starving doesn't work
  • metabolic individuality and body type
  • secrets of meal frequency and timing
  • Macronutrient ratio- how much carbs, protein and fat do you need
  • Good fats vs bad fats
  • Protein
  • What exactly are carbs - are they our friend or our enemies?
  • How to design your personal meal plan
  • Cardio training insights 
  • Supplements- secrets supplement companies hoped you'll never find out!
  • Weight training for weight loss
And much more!

tom venuto
     a picture of the author tom venuto 

A specific eye opener for me was the effect that your liver has on burning fats and also the effects of alcohol. It's interesting that he states that alcohol is one of the most caloric things out there, however these calories don't turn in to fats. Instead it has a different devastating effect by making the liver work harder on eliminating toxins then on burning fats!

Something else that may come as a surprise to many is the fact that getting your calories in a liquid form like juices for example will have a negative impact on your fat loss efforts, because hard foods improve our metabolism!

It is an AMAZING resource! And the great thing is that if you order now you won't only get the book. You Will get these 4 additional bonuses:

  • The Foods That Burn Fat report
  • The Foods That Turn To Fat Report
  • The A food B food lecture - Food Choice Grading Guide
  • The How To Measure Your Body Fat in the Privacy of Your Own Home
  • and of course a 60 day free membership to the burn the fat inner circle. A membership area where all of the members connect, ask questions and get the answers from Tom Venuto himself and also praticipate in great challenges like the million step challenge I've told you about in this blog.
All of this for just $39.95- what a no-brainer!

For more information on Burn the fat, feed the muscles click here!

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