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African Mango Health Benefits

african mango

Lets start of by explaining what is African Mango, where does it grow, what makes it so different from other types of mango and how it can benefit your health.

What is African Mango

African mango is a type of mango found in only one place in the world - the jungles of Cameroon. Also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, this fruit has been used to provide a wide variety of nutrients, increase energy and suppress appetite during long hunts by the native tribes for centuries.

Why is African Mango So Different From Other Types Of Mango

The main reason African mango is so different is not the fact that its quite smaller than the traditional mango, but the small seeds that are called by natives "Dikka Nuts". These seeds are a great source of protein, healthy fats and soluble fiber. Furthermore, they have been found to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol) but more on the benefits later. Another difference is the lower caloric content that African mangoes have. Clearly containing more nutrients and vitamins and less calories are some of the big advantages this type of mango has, but is that all? Is that why it has been included in Doctor Oz's show? Is that why everyone is crazy about it? Absolutely NO! Let's get to the core of the subject, shall we?

african mango helps weight loss
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The Amazing Health Benefits Of African Mango

The benefits that African mango is most known are connected to weight loss, however it will help you in a number of other ways, and that's where we will start this list from.

  • First of all African mango is known as the Happy Fruit, because of a compound called Tryptophan. This compound is used to cure depression, because it stimulates the production of the neurotransmitter Serotonin, which is responsible for good mood, memory, libido, good sleep and more.
  • This type of mango has great nutritional value. It contains a good amount of healthy fats and high quality protein, Vitamin B,  niacin, iron, calcium, riboflavin, beta-caroten and thiamin.
  • This African superfood is also known to increase energy. Studies show that the African mango boosts metabolism, which in turn will increase your energy levels. This is because it is rich in Vitamin B, which is responsible for the metabolism of carbs, fats and protein.
  • The happy fruit is also a great appetite suppressant.One of the reasons is the high content of soluble fiber which will make you feel full for longer. But the really important reason that makes African mango an appetite suppressant is the fact that after eating it, there is an increased secretion of a hormone known as Leptin. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of fullness. Or actually, let me rephrase- you won't feel like your stomach is full, instead it is a feeling of satisfaction that you get after a good meal. This is especially good for people who are having a hard time sticking to their diets. So eating African mango means no more cheating on your diet!
  • Another benefit is that it lowers the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases thanks to the increase of a certain anti-inflammatory hormone called Adiponectin.This hormone is responsible for maintaining  the healthy levels of blood sugar and the processing of fats. It is generally low in diabetics and obese people. 
  • African mango helps your body with it's natural detoxification process thanks to the high amount of fiber. This also leads to better digestive system health.
  • As mentioned earlier, this type of mango boosts your metabolism. The faster your metabolism is the more fats you will burn. This means that African mango is very effective for fat loss.
OK, so this fruit is a great appetite suppressant, boosts your metabolism and increases the levels of a hormone that helps process fats? Clearly it is great for everybody, but even more so for people who are trying to lose weight. And quite frankly this is what all the buzz has been about- African mango's weight loss properties.

picture of african mango
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There have been a couple of studies all confirming that the African superfood is indeed very beneficial for fat loss. The first one was done in Cameroon and showed that a controlled group of people taking 1.05 grams of an African mango supplement lost more than 5% bodyweight without changing any other part of their lifestyle. The other group, taking a placebo, lost only a little over 1% body weight.  There was also a great improvement in cholesterol levels in the first group. Other studies also show similar results.

The studies also displayed nearly no side effects from African mango supplements. The few side effects are short lasting and not really serious- headache and a little trouble going to sleep if taken late in the evening.

I realize that African mango might not be available for everyone reading this post, and let's face it not many of us are intending to eat the same fruit all the time. Right? This is OK, because what people, who want to give African mango a shot do, is take it in the form of a supplement. It is usually taken twice a day- before lunch and dinner. I suggest you pick a supplement that also contains other healthy and natural ingredients so it can be even more beneficial- after all you are paying for it and you want to get the most bang for your bucks, right?

I always tend to recommend my readers a supplement and I hope this really makes it easier for them to make their choice. And this time there will be no difference. There is a certain African mango supplement that I fancy more than others and this is African mango plus. It is a blend of green tea, caffeine and of course African mango. All of the compounds are known for their weight loss benefits. One more thing I like is that the company behind it is almost 17 years old and has a really great reputation. And it also has great confidence in it's product, offering a 90 day money back guarantee. They also add a free membership to their complete weight loss program to guide you through your journey. Thats just a few reasons I feel that this supplement is the right choice. To find out more or grab your own bottle click here!


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