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5 Easy Ways to Look Younger and Forget About Wrinkles

People often look for extreme solutions like Botox or collagen injections in order to look young. But are those measures really worth it? OK maybe I asked the wrong question, of course being happy and beautiful is worth it. The better question is- are those measures necessary?

What really astounds me is that in their quest for better skin, people often forger that our skin reflects our lifestyle and overall health. This means that if you follow the rules of healthy living supplemented with taking care of your skin with a good wrinkle cream that contains the right substances you will be well on your way to discovering the fountain of youth (and the journey will be much cheaper than you would expect). I know you are busy so let’s get serious. Here are your Do’s and don’ts for a healthy, wrinkle-free skin:

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First off, you need to avoid the sun!

You would be surprised to hear that one of the leading factors for wrinkles is the sun. That’s right. It’s UV rays have the nasty ability to penetrate our skin and damage the elastin (an amino acid that is of key importance for healthy skin) fibers.

Of course it’s silly to try to convince you to live like a vampire and forget about leaving your house during the day, but my advice is to avoid sun bathing between 10AM and 4PM (especially during the summer). And if you do decide to go to the beach or something please use a sun screen with a factor of at least 30! And also don’t forget those wide-brimmed hats- they are stylish and can save you from quite a few wrinkles!

Quit the nasty habit of smoking!

There are a couple of problems with smoking that are related to the skin. First and foremost it has a negative effect on your blood circulation and reduces the blood flow to your face. This is damaging because blood is the agent that delivers nutrients to your cells. And like you will see later- there are a couple of nutrients that are VERY important for a healthy and youthful skin.

Another way smoking ruins your skin is through the toxic chemicals that get into your organism.

Now I wasn’t sure if I should tell you about the third reason why smokers have more wrinkles, because it may sound a bit silly, but I decided to write it down anyway. Maybe you’ve noticed that smokers tend to squint a lot when they smoke, in order to keep the smoke out of their eyes. Believe it or not this is a major reason for wrinkles!

eat right
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Make sure that what goes on your plate is skin-friendly!

We’ve all heard that we are what we eat, right? Well this is even true especially for your skin.

There are a bunch of nutrients that your skin craves. Some of the most important are vitamins A,C and E, protein (after all collagen is an amino acid), healthy fats, zinc and biotin. To get all of these nutrients you need to make sure you eat enough veggies, fruits, nuts and fish. I like to use Chia seeds as a good source for many of the mentioned nutrients. Also make sure you avoid processed foods and GMO as much as you can.

Also when we talk about diet we need to mention that water is great for your skin. Drink lots and lots of water. It flushes away the toxins, it helps your blood circulation and has many more benefits. Drink at least 6 glasses a day!


Stress is a one way ticket to Wrinklesville! And believe me that’s not the place where the fountain of youth is!

Please find a way to relieve your stress. For some people it’s meditation, yoga, reading a good book or watching a good movie, working out, etc. Whatever it is, find more time for it. And because I mentioned working out- it also has other benefits for your skin than just relieving stress. It helps with your blood circulation and also with getting rid of toxins. So working out is a must!

Use a good and natural wrinkle protecting cream!

As I said earlier, this healthy lifestyle needs to be supplemented with a good wrinkle cream for an optimal efficiency and a wrinkle free life. A good cream needs to have natural substances that stimulate the production of collagen, protect your skin from the UV rays, keep it moisturized, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes. Such a cream, which I honestly recommend, is Kollagen Intensiv.

kollagen intensive box

It also contains a peptide called SYN-COLL that showed remarkable results in a clinical study. It showed that after using it twice a day for 84 days the appearance of wrinkles was reduced by 354% and the texture of the skin was improved by 201%. To me this sounds amazing! This peptide works by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Along with this Kollagen Intensiv’s list of ingredients includes retinol, soybean oil, shea butter and others.

For more information on Kollagen Intensive click here!

In a combination these 5 ways to look younger can really make a huge difference on you, your confidence and your social life. Please do your best and see for yourself! Good luck!

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