Thursday, December 25, 2008

A List Of Foods That Will Help You Gain Weight

For some of the guys out there its hard as hell to even gain a pound. Those men have a really fast metabolism that burns calories like its suppling energy for an army. Most people would kill to have such a metabolic rate, but for all the men that wish to gain muscle this is a nightmare. So I decided to help those guys with a small list of very nutritional foods that will help you gain weight, its up to you to make this weight to muscle mass.


They are very nutritional and will surely help you gain weight, in fact oats are used to feed horses! The key is not to eat them like always - with milk. Eat the oats by itself so you can eat more!


Nuts contain huge amounts of the best proteins you can find in mother nature.


But of course don't drink them raw like Rocky!
They have a good amount of protein especially in the whites. But don't get too carried away, half a dozen eggs a day is enough!

Red meat

Red meat is good with its high amount of protein and iron. The iron is known for helping muscle gain by increasing the oxygen inflow to the muscles.

Olive oil

A great source for healthy fats and it can also bring out the best of the veggies by activating their antioxidants, so make sure you use it with your salads and whit whatever you can!

Protein drinks

Using gainers for those drinks is a good idea or at least protein powder. Add up some milk, peanut butter, oats, dried fruits and what ever high calorie stuff you have around you. Of course try to make it taste OK.


Do you know that lentil, black bean, split pea, barley or minestrone soups contain more carbs than chicken meat? Plus they are yummy.


Fish foods are generally good for anyone thats trying to gain weight, but salmon is just incredible. It contains more calories than any other fish plus its jam packed with protein and the healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Make sure you have this one in your menu!

This is the list of mega nutritional foods, make sure you have them in your menu and of course make sure you eat as much as you can.

And if this isn't helping you, I would recommend trying some additional supplements like whey protein and weight gainers.

Weight gainers basically contain a good amount of proteins and carbs which are essential in order to gain weight. You have to drink a serving between meals, post workout and before going to bed. This way you will ensure good protein synthesis, muscle recovery and growth.

Whey protein on the other hand has a low carb formula, which promotes lean muscle growth. It will have slower results in the weight gaining department, but the body you develop will be a lot leaner. You just mix 2 scoopfuls of it with water or milk in a blander or a shaker and than enjoy its great taste and muscle growth benefits.