Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brain Fitness

Not many of you realize that your brain needs workouts just as your muscles. In order to have a strong and healthy brain you have to give it different tasks, most of which in the shape of games. Yes games just like sudoku, chess, crosswords etc. And just like in fitness, where different exercises work on different muscle groups , each game affects a different brain function. There are 4 basic functions:
  1. Memory
  2. Attention
  3. Processing speed
  4. Cognitive control
The hard part about brain fitness is to organize your workout so all 4 functions will get equal pressure, or how to emphasize on your leak points. To tell you the truth I can't help you here, its just too complex. The way I do it is trough a brain fitness program named Lumosity.

This program is created by some of the leading scientists in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and bioinformatics from Stanford, UCSF, and other leading research institutions.

Lumosity is basically a computer based brain fitness program consisting of fun and engaging exercises and online games. It is based on the concept of neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to learn and physically adapt given appropriate stimuli.

It begins with a 30 day session. The first few cover all the 4 basic functions, then they are separated and you will make 5 sessions which are emphasizing on just 1, beginning with memory and ending with cognitive control.

One of the coolest extras to the program are all the graphics that chart your general progress named BPI-Brain Performance Index, your progress in any of the 4 functions ( according to this one, my worst function is processing speed- seems I'm kind of slow ;( ) and your progress at any of the the games.

I really enjoy this program and I can sure see and feel the progress. If you want to give it a try check out its home page at

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I love crossword puzzles. I will have to check out the program for sure. You have a great post and blog site, I wish you the best.

Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...

Very nice post and blog. Definitely our brain needs exercise through games and puzzles. I'll check out Lumosity.

SSotirov said...

Thank you for the good words, I am happy you like the post :). I wonder if some one wants to share his results at lumosity :)