Thursday, April 10, 2008

Acne In Adult People

In the post about acne myths I point out that most people think that adults don't suffer from acne. Thats a common misbelief with really bad results. People think they can just let acne cure it self with time and in most cases they are wrong, which leads to serious stress and lack of confidence in their life as adults.

There are several reasons for acne in adult people.
  1. Not treating acne in teenage years.
  2. Using tap water or other chlorinated chemicals.
  3. Pregnancy and menstrual period are often causing acne in adult women.
  4. The intake of steroids, anti-tuberculosis drugs, lithium, anti-epileptic drugs and medications that contain iodine.
  5. Skin pressure such as the one that a backpack applies can be a cause for acne.

As you see some causes are easy to avoid like the first 2. To treat acne read my post about The 2 Best Acne Treatment Products and to deal with the tap water you can use a basic water filtration system.

The other causes are a bit harder to avoid, I doubt that women will not get pregnant just because of acne or people will stop taking their anti-epileptic drugs for the same reasons... for those people and for the adults that already have acne once again I recommend reading the post about the 2 best acne treatment products by clicking on the link I gave earlier in this post.

Try to do what ever you can to avoid the reasons for acne in adult people we already spoke about, but don't get fanatic... And if you are one of those people who think that acne will cure itself with time, YOU ARE WRONG, please treat it!

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james said...

I am suffering from severe acne problem.When i apply some cream on it,water comes out.What should i do?

SSotirov said...

Water comes out of your acne?

james said...

Hey ssotirov.Yes,when i apply any herbal cream on my acne,it burst and blood water comes out.Moreover i am really suffering from high acne,pimples problem.What should i do?

SSotirov said...

Usually pus and blood comes out, never seen water... It may be because of your cream, but Im not sure this time so my advice is to ask your dermatologist! About the resource you keep giving, judging by the site its not very professional. I don't know about the books it is promoting cause I haven't read them...

SSotirov said...

Yes, on my back. But a friend showed me ClearPores and now im OK. Thats why I recommend this solution in all my acne posts.

SSotirov said...

No, I don't put any resource on my page just because someone told me its great. I have to be certain of it.