Monday, March 3, 2008

The 2 Best Acne Treatment Products

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Acne is one of the most popular skin problems. This is why there are so many products, which claim they can remove acne overnight. And as I and you know some of them, or even most, don't work even after months of use. I personally found my cure in the ClearPores 3 way system, but I was thinking "what if there was someone to tell me about it, before I spent my time and money on all the other solutions?". So I decided to be that somebody for you. Here are, in my opinion, the 2 best acne treatment products:

ClearPores 3 way system

If you have seen some of my other posts on acne, you must have noticed that I recommend this system a lot. The reason for this is simple, I used it and it helped me. It is a 3 point facial and body system. The 3 points are- Deep Wash, Herbal supplement and Protection Cream.

The Deep Wash is used to unclog the pores and fight the bacteria, the supplement will help your body fight acne from the inside, with the help of herbs such as Aloe Vera, Echinacea and Dandelion. The third part of the system- the protection cream is used to keep the pores clean, moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out. It will do so for a period of 24 hours .

I found this video on the net, I think you might find it interesting.

For more info on ClearPores check out here!


It contains only natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera (leaf) and Bioperine Extract. They help control the free radicals that cause skin damage, aging and wrinkling, and the ones that can contribute to infection. It also limits inflammation, promotes healing, helps take care of the ugly redness, and works to limit the inflammatory response that can cause scarring.

I recommend the Acnezine even though I haven't used it, cause I've gotten so much positive e-mails about it and also I know the company that is behind it and I know they can be trusted.

For more info check out here!

I hope this post will be of help to you. Once again I want to say that this is my opinion. And you are the one that has to decide for yourself. Good luck!

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Bobi_Ana said...

My daighter is a teen and when she entered this nasty puberty period she almost went crazy because of the acne. We've tried whatever we had heard, without any effect.
I'm so grateful I had the chance to spot this site and read the articles. We decided to have one more try. This time with ClearPores. IT WORKED!
ClearPores brought back the brightness in my daughter's eyes!

SSotirov said...

Great! Im more than happy that my advise helped you. I would be even happier if you are not the only one :)