Monday, March 17, 2008

Can A Massage Really Cure Cellulite?

cellulite massage

Before you start reading this post, maybe it is wise to read my post "What Is Cellulite And What Causes It?"

A cellulite treatment offered in the beauty centers is the cellulite massage. It works by activating the cells under the influence of an electromagnetic field, which is a result of the petting and the light pressure applied by the masseur.

The effect of the cellulite massage is greater when a gel or cream is applied on the affected area of the skin. These gels make the temperature of the skin increase, which also heps the blood flow.

The cellulite massage has a great effect on the walls of the blood-vessels and the flow of blood and cellular fluid in the entire organism.

Also according to some studies such a massage helps losing fats and weight controlling, so this is supposed to be a great way to let someone else get you in shape.

Can this really be the key to treating cellulite? 

I believe not. Sure it can and probably will help, but it will not get rid of cellulite by itself.

I believe that there are 2 absolutely crucial ways to treat cellulite and one that will make them even more effective. The top 2 are proper diet and regular, targeted exercises. And the additional supplementation to these two stepping stones is a great, natural cellulite cream.

As far as diet goes, all you need to do is restrict sugars, grains, unhealthy fats, salt and processed foods and increase your intake of raw veggies, fruits and water (for more read Get Rid Of Cellulite and Detox Your Body With This Healthy Diet). For the exercises you can read my 5 exercises that reduce cellulite post. And for what I called an optional supplementation you can have a look at what I considered the best anti-cellulite cream - Click here to read my review of Revitol!

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Raheel Ali said...

The very first thing he did after oiling his hands was pull my underwear down and start in right away on the butt -- which he massaged for quite some time at that before moving on to other areas of the back. It did feel good, but I have to say I thought it was a little weird for a therapist to launch in right away on that part of the body without warning, and I've often since wondered whether the guy had any unprofessional intentions (although past the butt phase, there was no further incident). Also wondering whether anyone else has had a massage therapy experience similar to this? (Oh, by the way -- there was no acupuncture whatsoever!)
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Adiba Alam said...

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alex mark said...

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