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5 Weight Loss Supplement Ingrediants That Most Of You Have Never Heard Of!

surprising ingrediants

These 5 natural ingredients are used in some weight loss supplements with great success. The 2 most interesting things about themare that they aren't very popular and that they make a great combination between each other, plus a couple of more well known weight loss helpers like Hoodia and green tea.


Chitosan is a starch found mainly in the exoskeletons of shellfish like crab and shrimp. This fiber works by binding with the fat in your body and excreting it through the stool. Thats the reason it is used in some weight loss supplements.

White Kidney Bean Powder

Loads of studies show us that White Kidney Bean interrupts the digestive process that converts starch to sugar, that way it lowers the caloric intake from foods such as rice and bread. By reducing the absorption of these sugars, the body has fewer calories to store.

white willow bark

White Willow (bark)

White willow bark is a tree native to Europe and Asia. The name "white willow" comes from the color of the leaves, which are covered with fine white hairs. Its known for its ability to promote the metabolizing of fat and increase caloric expenditure.


Methionine is a lipotropic, it helps the liver to process fats (choline, inosol, and betaine). It also prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver, and maintains normal liver function.



Beetroot encourages and supports liver metabolism, normalizing the Ph of the body and strengthening the blood.

Keep in mind that these 5 ingredients have more than one effect. For instance the beetroot has also kidney cleansing properties and many more benefits. As you already know the combination of these 5 and a few more herbs and nutrients gives you a powerful weight loss weapon.

The good news is that you don't need to look for each one by itself. There are supplements that contain all of them. You probably know that I have one favorite supplement that I always recommend- the Proshape RX. And yes it contains all of the mentioned ingredients. There are a lot of reasons why proshape is my favorite. Some of them are:

  • a proven and natural formula that works
  • it is doctor and herbalist endorsed
  • the company behind it (Leading Edge Health) has been around since 2001 and has a great reputation
  • its a complete system that includes a members area and healthy eating and dietary advice
  • and it has a full 60 days money back guarantee- let's face it- you might not need it, but its always good to have it, right?
There are a few more reasons, but let's not make this post too long. For more information on Proshape  I invite you to simply click here.

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