Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tap Water Causes Acne!

tap water
Studies show that people who consume or wash their face with tap water have more acne problems. The reason for this is the fact that tap water is chlorinated. Chlorinated water destroys polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, this causes damaged skin tissue and acne breakouts.

When you drink tap water the chlorine in the water generates free radicals and kills intestinal flora. Those free radicals also causes your hair follicles to clog more easily - which is another cause for acne. They also weaken your body's immune system, which in turn will cause the secretion of more sebum through your skin - cause number 3.

If you continue using tap water your acne condition will get even worse. The solution is a basic water filtration system. Installing it in your home will allow you to use water safely, chlorine (and other heavy metal elements that exist in tap water) free.

This is the solution to the tap water problem. What is the solution to acne? You can find this out by reading my The 2 Best Acne Treatment Products post.

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