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How To Get Rid Of The Man Boobs?

Man boobs... now this is a real problem for many of you guys out there, actually a study shows that 33% of the male population suffers from chest fat. This makes you miss out on fun activities like the beach, the pool or any other where you have to remove your shirt.

The good news is that with some good old exercising and a proper diet your man boobs will soon be history! What you need is to replace some of the chest fat with muscle and speed up your metabolism. How do you do that? Well read on!

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Lets start with the most common mistake in getting rid of man boobs. Most of you probably run on the treadmill or in the park for an hour or so. This is a big mistake in removing chest fats. Don't run more than 25 min, but do it intense, thats the way to go!

The weight lifting solution for man boobs is the inclined bench press, forget about the declined bench press or even a flat one. They will enhance your boob's appearance by bulking up the muscle behind the fat and pushing your nipples out more. On the other hand the inclined bench press will rise your chest as a whole, pulling the skin up. The other benefit is that the new build muscle will need to feed of your fats and this way they will burn faster.

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You need to start eating 6 times a day. It may sound a little strange that eating so many times will actually cause fat loss, but there is a good explanation. This will make your metabolism go faster and your body will begin to burn more calories. The key is to eat small and calculated meals.

Your breakfast should consist of a protein and a carb like egg whites and oatmeal. You should never skip breakfast, it is the most important meal!

After that have a midmorning snack. Something like an apple and peanut butter.

 At lunch have a protein and two carbs. Make sure one of the carbs is vegetable!

Follow up with an afternoon snack and then dinner. At dinner eat a protein and two carbs.

One other important thing is to ensure that you get all the protein your muscles will need after all the hard training you will be doing. To read more on the topic click here.

Make sure you read this list- 10 foods you should avoid! and stick to it.

And also if you want some more extensive literature on man boobs you can have a look here. It includes a more detailed information on dieting and exercising, and also tells you how to unlock your human growth hormone naturally, why is sleep so important, what is the number one mistake people do when trying to get rid of man boobs, the role your nervous system plays and many other topics.

And of course, getting rid of man boobs might not be enough for everyone. If you have a bigger goal of creating an overall great physique read about Burn the fat, Feed the muscle. It is the system I use and love!

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