Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Hoodia Supplement Success Story!

If you don't know what Hoodia gordonii is, my advise is to read this post- "What is Hoodia?".
In short the Hoodia gordonii plant is a natural appetite suppressant. It is found in South Africa and a few other countries including the USA. Fortunately Hoodia supplements can be found worldwide, or at least online stores deliver it almost worldwide.

As you know, losing weight comes trough eating right. Thats a bit hard to achieve when you crave chocolate ice cream or pop corns. Here is where Hoodia gordonii comes to help you. Some say its the key to sticking to a diet. And that definitely is true for one person.

Today I stumbled on an article in my favorite bulgarian health newspaper. It was about a girl named Plamena Dimitrova, who lost over 20 pounds while taking Hoodia supplements. She knew what she had to do in order to lose weight. She exercised and tried to eat healthy, but she had a problem her appetite was voracious. Some times she was almost out of control, forgetting about diets and healthy eating, and even if she was actually eating something healthy, she would still eat too much and go over her calorie quota for the day. This was a huge problem which made her weigh loss dream seem impossible.

Then Plamena saw an article on Hoodia supplements on a blog, just like this one, then she checked out the site and saw all the happy costumer testimonials and decided to give it a try. Soon after she started taking the supplements, she began to notice that the craving was gone and she didn't need to eat nearly as much food as she once demanded. Now Plamena follows her diet strictly and has some impressive results. Too bad the pictures are on the newspaper and I can't post them for now...
There are 3 morals to the story.
  1. Appetite suppression is important because you can't have effective weight loss if you can't stop eating.
  2. Hoodia gordonii works!
  3. Never give up on your dreams, no matter how unachievable they seem!
There is one thing to keep in mind, not all hoodia supplements are the same. Although they may have hoodia in the name, some may not have any in their ingredients. Actually, most sold today are like that! They are not regulated by the government so the companies selling them have wide latitude in the claims they make.

Authentic supplements can play a big part of an overall weight loss program as shown by Plamena's success story. However, it's important to keep their role in perspective. Hoodia will not perform miracles for you, but it can sure be the key to your own success story!

Now the big question is. Which Hoodia supplements offer the real deal. I personally always recommend the ProShape RX supplement for a bunch of reasons. It is 100% natural and as I personally have witnessed it gets the job done. Proshape contains not only Hoodia gordonii, but also a wide mix of herbs and nutrients like Green Tea, L-Methionine and more, so it will not only suppress appetite but also produce a couple of more great benefits like more energy, faster metabolic rate and others. To read my full post on the product click here.

The only thing left for me is to wish you good luck!

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