Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hanging Reverse Crunch

man performinghanging reverse crunch

Hanging reverse crunch, also known as knees to elbows is an unpopular but highly effective exercise. Maybe most of you even see it for the first time.

This exercise is very complicated and involves abs, legs, back, shoulders, arms and chest muscles. Im not going to list all of the muscles one by one cause the list is very very long, and I don't think its necessary. You understand how much it can help you build muscles and strength.

Types of hanging reverse crunches

According to grip
  1. Upper Grip- The classic gymnastic type. Muscles used- Triceps, Shoulder, Back and Chest.
  2. Neutral Grip- The pressure is on the biceps and the brachial muscles.
  3. Lower Grip- Activity increases in the biceps and the back muscles.
According to the elbow position
  1. With stretched out elbows- A shorter and easier to execute movement. Recommended for beginners.
  2. With elbows bent in 90 degrees- The beginning position is half a pool up and the bent in the elbows doesn't change trough out the exercise. Very tough on the back and biceps, but less pressure on the abs.
According the hight of lifting your legs
  1. To the elbows- the classic type, the stomach muscles lead the movement.
  2. Above the elbows- After reaching the elbows, the movement shifts to the back muscles.

Method of execution

1. Grab the horizontal bar.
2. Make sure your hands are open as wide as your shoulders and let the legs hang freely.
3. Harden your abs and lift the pelvis, and the legs towards your elbows. Use the back muscles to push your body back.
4. Try to lift your legs so the knees can touch your elbows.

Things to remember before executing the hanging reverse crunch
  1. It is not recommended for people with back problems or shoulder injuries
  2. This exercise is not recommended for overweighted people

Use this exercise to build strength and muscles, but be careful. Always keep your focus and warm up well!

And don't forget how important getting the proper amount of nutrients after a hard work out is. If you don't provide the protein your body needs, not only you will never progress but you will actually regress! To read more about what protein is and why do you need it click on the link.

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