Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cure Impotence With The Help Of Juices!

We have already discussed what is impotence and the top impotence aids, but I didn't include my favorite aid for almost everything- juices. Yes it is possible to cure impotence with the help of juices and I have 7 recipes that can do the job!

  1. The first one is simple- Carrot juice. Drink as much as you want, it will also help your overall health not just impotence. Read more about carrot juice here.
  2. Recipe 2 is as simple as 1, but this time the vegetable is spinach.
  3. The third one is a mix of carrot, beetroot and cucumber.
-290 grams carrots (10.22 oz)
-90 grams beetroot (3.17 oz)
-90 grams cucumber (3.17 oz)
  1. The next recipe contains carrots, apples and beetroot.
- 200 grams carrots (7 oz )
- 170 grams apples (6 oz)
-90 grams beetroot (3.17 oz)
  1. Its time for number 5- carrots, celery and parsley.
-260 grams carrots (9.2 oz)
-170 grams celery (6 oz)
-60 grams parsley (2.11 oz)
  1. The sixth recipe is carrots, beetroot and salad.
-260 grams carrots (9.2 oz)
-90 grams beetroot (3.17 oz)
-120 grams salad (4.2 oz)

  1. And the last one contains carrots and parsley.
-340 grams carrots (12 oz)
-120 grams parsley (4.2 oz)

Thees impotence aids are not as powerful as the ones discussed in the previous post, but are great for people that are in to fasting and want everything to be natural, tough some of the impotence medications I told you about in Top Impotence Aids are 100% natural some of you might prefer to make it their self. Which is fine... as long as you don't get obsessed. Believe it or not, some times the best medications are made in labs :)

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Hanlie said...

My husband is not impotent, but suffers from low libido. What can I give him?

SSotirov said...

Im sorry but there are no recipes for low libido. However I do know two products that have great effects and are natural. Libup and ProSolution pills. The difference between them is that ProSolution not only will increase your husband`s sexual drive but it will also increase the size of his penis. If you would like that, than ProSolution is the thing for you. It also is on a limited time offer, allowing you to save some money, which ends on the 1 of march.

Please keep me in touch! Good Luck!!!

Vikram said...

Hanlie... the best remedy for low libido is good sleep of atleast 7-8 hours, and daily intake of pumkin seeds and sunflower seed, also most important is watercress leaves as salad, handful of leaves should be taken everdy day. pls do no take excessive intake of watercress leaves as they are a type of weed, and will make u feel extra high .. and the side effect of over intake of watercress leaves is feeling of insomnia, numbness, headache or digestion problem, so take in limited quantity.... goodluck

SSotirov said...

Thanks for the valuable comment Vikram, I hope it helps Hanlie. Sure is cheaper than the solutions I came up with :)

john said...

I really found your blog very interesting. You have done a great effort to make people aware about al this ED related problems. It is true that a healthy lifestyle is a must for a healthy sexual life. I also suffered a lot from this type of problems. To get rid of all this problems you can try levitra, its good.

SSotirov said...

The problem with levitra is that it has multiple side effects like abdominal pain, nausea , eye pain, back pain, palpitation, rash, heart attacks, penile tissue damage and permanent loss of potency. FOr more info read here
I personally recommend herbal aids.