Monday, February 18, 2008

Caffeine Extract Is A Cellulite Eraser?


Caffeine works as a cellulite eraser thanks to the fact that it stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and also widens the blood vessels in the area its been rubed on.

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This stimulates the circulation and blood flow, which helps remove the excess fluids, fats and toxins. When blood moves into the region the natural metabolic pathways of the body are stimulated and this helps you burn more fat naturally. This makes the caffeine an excellent cellulite eraser. It also inhibits phosphodiesterase.

These enzymes are responsible for the break down of cyclic AMP, which deprives the body of energy. By preventing the phospodiesterases from breaking down the cyclic AMP, the energy is used efficiently. Topical use of caffeine is better than oral , as its effects will be localized and concentrated. Through oral use it will never reach the target area in a concentrated form.

The best way to apply caffeine extract is trough creams that contain it. Such is Revitol. It also contains Green tea extract, Capsicum extract, Algae extract/Bladderwrack extract, L-Carnitine, Retinol A, Shea butter, Horsetail extract and other natural ingredients. When you include the caffeine extract you already know about, it becomes a very powerful and natural cellulite eraser.

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