Friday, January 4, 2008

Juicy Power: Nail fungus

In my post easiest ways to fight nail fungus I told you about 2 nail fungus solutions - ZetaClear and Povidone Iodine-Chamax. Tough they are very effective, some people prefer to eat or in this case drink there way to fungus free life. For them I have 3 recpies for vegetable juices that will help you fight nail fungus.

  1. First and most simple is the carrot juice. Just pick some carrots and make your self a juice. It also has many other great effects. As I have wrote in my carrot juice post- it is the miracle of our century.
  2. The second recipe is carrots and spinach
-290 grams carrots (10.22 oz)
-170 grams spinach (6 oz)
  1. And the third juice recipe against nail fungus contains carrots, beetroot and cucumbers
-290 grams carrots (10.22 oz)
-90 grams beetroot (3.17 oz)
-90 grams cucumber (3.17 oz)

Those recipes will not only heal your fungus. They have a ton of other great effects. Just to name a few: They help with acne, sleeping disorders, kidney stones, diarrhea and many more you wouldn't even believe! So make sure you drink lots of fresh vegetable juices!

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