Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fitness:4 ways to become HUGE

These are 4 ways to reach better results when working out for muscle mass.

1.Do aerobics before the power workout!

20-30 minutes at your optimum heart rate will be enough. Your optimum heart rate is calculated by taking out your age from 220 and then multiplying it with 0.6.

This will help you have a more effective work out with less chances to get injuries.

2.Take carbs right after the work out!

Your body can use 2 times more and 2 times faster carbs if they come in the range of 30 mins after the work out. If you delay this window will be closed and you will miss the most important bodybuilding meal.

3.Do shorter rests between sets!

Short rests are the best way to make your workouts intense and to concentrate you energy on bodybuilding instead of powerlifting. Former mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger advices that we keep the rest between sets under 1 minute!

4.Take supplements!

There are two types of supplements I use and recommend if your goal is becoming huge.
One is Whey Protein and the other is Weight Gainer.

The difference is that the whey protein formula contains less fats and carbs than the weight gainers. Therefore protein promotes lean muscle growth. The gainer on the other hand will make you bigger and stronger in a faster manner but it will have its price- fats. This means that when you are choosing your supplement you should think about the results you need. If you want to have a lean and sexy body you should go for protein. And if you want to be big and strong but not necessarily lean you should go for a gainer.

I personally like to use the Muscle Advance products. They have whey protein and weight gainer, both with great quality. They both have an awesome formula that will not only help your bodybuilding but your general health as well.

These 6 ways are 100% working and will surely increase your muscle mass.

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