Tuesday, January 8, 2008

6 tips to stop snoring

couple problems with snoring
Snoring can be a factor for the end of many relationships. Its so annoying that the person sleeping next to you could make a hole in the wall while running away...

And how can you blame him/her, afterall scientists have proven that if the person sleeping next to you has an average level of snoring you lose 2 years of your sleep! And that's just on average! The Guinness record for snoring is held by a man who's snoring was the amazing 93 decibels, which is 2/3 of the noise a Boeing 747 makes...

With that said I believe you got a good reason to give your best and stop snoring. So here are 6 tips that serve this purpose:

Use homeopathic oral appliance
  1. Eliminates snoring without any painful medical procedures
  2. Easy to use
  3. Most people experience a snore-free night with the first use
The best oral spray would be one that has a proven and natural formula. The more its been on the market and the more positive testimonials it has the better. I personally like SnoreZip exactly for this reason.

For more information visit: Snorezip.com

Lose weight and tone your muscles

One of the reasons for snoring is the bad shape of your muscles around the palate. If you tone your body it will also have an effect on this muscle group, which in term might stop snoring for you! Furthermore, there are specific exercise programs that cure snoring. Unfortunately, I don't really have much experience with them so I can't really give you much of an insight. I just know that they are some kind of mouth and neck exercises. For more information you can Click Here!

Stop smoking

Smokers snore hard cause of swelling of the mucosa, which blocks the windpipe and causes snoring.

Sleep on a hard mattress and a single pillow

Sleeping on a soft mattress and a couple of pillows allows the body to curve, which makes breathing harder
and again- causes snoring.

Try hypnosis

I have a few posts and hypnosis and I must say that I am a believer in it. It has proven over and over again to be able to cure different conditions. I know how this sounds to you, but trust me- if you give it a chance you won't regret it. I myself actually listen to 30 minutes of hypnosis before going to sleep and it really makes me feel great. Anyway, I could try and explain hypnosis, but this post will get too long and we will move too far from the subject- snoring. So for more information on hypnosis and how it helps snoring Click Here!

Consult a medical professional

If none of those things help you and you just cant stop snoring then maybe its time to go to the doctor. They know best, if the problem is really severe you might even have to go trough surgical treatment (that's another good reason to act fast, before it reaches such a severe level).

I hope you really take snoring seriously cause it isn't something you can joke around with. Do whatever you can to stop it, and don't forget to ask the professionals!

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Huh, my ex was a huge snorer, and coincidentally she slept on like 4 stacked pillows... I never realized that was likely contributing to the problem.

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