Sunday, January 6, 2008

3 winter skin care tips

The winter cold makes your skin dry and sensitive to irritation. This means that it needs extra caution in order to be beautiful and healthy. These 3 tips will help you in this quest:


The little touch that makes your skin attractive day by day. Make sure you choose skin care products that moisturize and in the same time feed your skin. Use them after you have washed your body well enough. It will be good if you use products that contain olive or palm oil and a good amount of oxygen.

What to do under the shower

There is no need to stay too much under the shower, and also try to avoid hot water- it will dry your skin even more! Of course this doesn't mean to take cold showers. Just take short and warm baths.

And don't forger to exfoliate your skin while in the bath. This way the moisturizing creams will have an enhanced effect.

Sun protection

Never forget the sun protection creams, plus some of them have a moisturizing effect which makes them even better. Also don't forget to apply sun protection balsam on your lips!

These are 3 golden rules for an attractive and healthy skin in the winter season, make sure you follow them so you can get the best of your beauty!

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