Monday, October 29, 2007

Fitness:Push ups

I doubt that there is an exercise so simple and yet so useful for the upper body, as the push ups.
Most people underestimate them,but push ups are actually a key element in the chest work out. You can use them for warm up,you can use them for pumping blood in the muscle after work out or you can just use them as a main exercise.In combination with weight lifting,push ups can bring you huge results,also they are good for people that cant afford the time and money to go to the gym,cause they are very simple to do and don't call for anything else except your arms.And after all you are browsing the internet so i assume you do have arms.

You can always change the way you stand or how your hands are placed for more pressure on different parts of your chest and triceps.The muscles that mostly take the load are chest and triceps,the shoulder,abs and coax are supporting.

Basic things to keep an eye for while doing push ups:

Your fingers have to be pointing forward.Dont let your heels stay apart of each other.The body should be stretched out.The had has to point ahead,pick something to look at in front of you.

Go down until your chest touches the ground,than go up until your arms stretch in the elbows.

When going down breath in,when going up breath out.

The movement is in the hands,and only in the hands.Dont move your pelvis,knees or waist.

When you are down,dont relax even for a second!

Types of push ups:

Push ups with arms wide open
This is like the normal push up but you open your hands more,it will take pressure from your triceps and put it on your chest.The finger have to point out.

Push ups with narrow stride(diamond)
Pressure the triceps and the inner chest.Your hands have to be so close that your thumbs and index fingers touch and form a diamond.Dont go lower than 15cm (5.9 in).

One handed push ups
This is the toughest type of push ups so its not for beginners.The big pressure is on the elbows and triceps so don't do them unless you have warmed up .All the load is on one hand,and because its hard to balance the muscles around the rotator cuff also take part.
From the normal push up position take your left leg aside,and your left hand behind your back and work with the left. Don't go lower than 15 cm(5.9 in)

Plyometric push ups
Another push up that is not recommended for beginners.It builds strength and explosiveness.
The position is for the normal push ups.You lower and than you rapidly rise so that your hands separate from the floor.Some people do it by clapping in the air.This is rather motivational,you motivate your self to jump high enough so you can clap 2 times or as much as you will.At the beginning do it with out clapping.Dont work this type of push ups to often cause it holds a higher risk for injuries.

Knee push upsIts like the normal push up but you stand on your knees. Its easier, primary for beginners. But it could also be used at the end, when you are to exhausted to do a full normal push up.

Push ups are a great work out, than can help you build strength and mass.I ts best that you do as much reps as you can.You can also use push ups in super series, before work out, after work out. Anyway they will not hurt, they can only help you. I leave the way you use them to you and your imagination.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

What is Hoodia ?

hoodia plant
img source: flickr

Hoodia gordonii is a plant from Africa that has thrilled the weight-loss crowd . Is this the thing that could help millions of overweight people reach their ultimate goal? Maybe this is the magic pill the world is waiting for.

Let’s face it, the onslaught of fashion magazines and shows has drummed the perfect shape of a fit body into everybody’s brains. Everybody wants to be attractive just like the people on TV. And further more, having a normal body weigh will not only make you look good, but it will highly improve your general health. Seems that thanks to this South African plant achieving good looks and health is easier than ever.
From the sandy Kalahari Desert scientists and businessmen bring a cactus called Hoodia. Weight loss experts are strongly excited over the chances that this hunger curbing plant gave.

For many years the Kalahari bushmen ate Hoodia to keep hunger away during long hunting trips, journeys and in times of drought. And now thousands,no,millions of people living in the industrialized world are about to join them, as Hoodia-based pills are made available in the USA.

People high and low, from Hollywood stars to the every day man, everybody is willing to give Hoodia a chance. Many people have been fighting overweight all their lives and are interested in anything that promises fast and effective weight loss.

Oh and by the way according to the African bushmen Hoodia gordonii also has the effect of an afrodisiac and even other pleasurable effects. Nice!

One of the latest and most effective pills launched on the weight loss market is the ProShape RX. It contains Hoodia gordonii as its main ingredient, but it also contains a few more herbs known for aiding weight loss like green tea, chitosan and others. Besides the 100% natural ingredients ProShape has another strong point- its doctor and herbalist endorsed.  If you want to have a look at it, you should click here.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

What About Supplements To Gain Weight and Muscle?

There is a lot of hype regarding over-the-counter supplements to gain weight and muscle.Are they worth it? Are they safe? If so, which ones should I take and which ones should I stay away from? I get these questions a lot.

There are definitely some supplements out there that are not only effective, but safe as well. But remember, they are called for a reason. They should only be used to supplement your weight gain diet. They are there to help you when your dieting to gain weight and weight training to build muscle mass.

cannot simply take supplements and expect it to do all the work! You have to do your part as well!

If there is one supplement that is found to be extremely beneficial and helpful it's Whey Protein. Let's face it, eating up to 6 meals a day is pretty time consuming.We don't always have time to make a full meal big enough to get all the protein we need. Making a Whey Protein Shake is a great way to save time and still get your daily amounts of calories and protein.

Nature's Best makes the most efficient and best taking Whey Protein called Isopure.

But always keep in mind that supplements do not make or break your weight gain goals.You can still build muscle and gain weight without supplements. They are only there to make help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

Special thanks to David Di Cristo for this great guest post!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Skin Care:ClearPores vs exfoliation

Acne is a common problem of all teenagers and of course some adults two. The real problem doesn't come from pain or such things, it comes from the fact that acne is in very visible spots. It is right there on your face, where everybody can see it. Every mirror reminds you that your skin is working against you and that you cannot escape it.In this world, obsessed with physical perfection and social interaction, acne is not a burden easily born. Early breakthroughs in the use of various substances and the large number of patients willing to try anything has been the basis of discovering methods of curing acne, whether permanently or temporarily.

A good and well known method

One of the most popular ways to cure mild acne is to make the natural exfoliation process of your skin go faster. Exfoliation is the process by which the topmost layer of your skin, which contains many dead cells, is removed by mechanical or chemical means. Removing dead skin helps prevent the clogging of pores by a combination of excess sebum and dead cells. Exfoliation is not meant in the visible sense of the word, since you will not see skin peeling away as in the case of shedding. The topmost layer is too thin to be seen with an unarmed eye.

The recommended procedures for making the exfoliation process faster feature the use of mechanical means (abrasive cloths or liquid scrubs) or chemical means (Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid). Salicylic Acid is actually the best exfoliation agent, since it also helps to unclog pores whose openings have already been obstructed by sebum and dead cells. This way your skin will be pimple-free for more time. Over-the-counter Salicylic Acid solution or cotton pads soaked in Acid should be available in every pharmacy or drugstore. You can safely and easily use these at home to take care of acne flare-ups. So I will not recommend online stores, just go to the local drug store.

A stronger solution for the stronger acne

However, if your acne problems are tougher you should be interested in employing a stronger solution to your acne problems, you can try the ClearPores system. This amazingly-effective system combines the cleansing power of the Salicylic Acid and Alcohol SD with herbal pills and a protection cream in order to rid you of acne now and also to keep you free of future acne. The herbal pills kill bacteria which tend to thrive in clogged pores, the deep facial and body washes open up the pores and cleanse the dirt and grime and, finally, the protection cream acts as a shield for your skin. As you can see, ClearPores is not a single product, but a full solution designed to destroy acne with the utmost effectiveness.

This was the objective truth about ClearPores vs exfoliation.

Now my side of the story:

As I mentioned in a previous post ( Skin Care:Acne and Acne treatment) my problems with acne were big and long. I tried many things including exfoliaton and it sure is a good try, sometimes works pretty good. But what really removed my acne was the ClearPores system so in the case ClearPores vs exfoliaton I have to give that one to CP.

I found an interesting video about CP, you might want to check it out.

Click here for more info on ClearPores!

I found another happy ClearPores user`s site:

Click here to read Elizabeth`s acne solution site!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Product Review:Provacyl

For all the men that want their dream life back! With Provacyl its possible to go back to the prime of your life!

“When I started taking Provacyl™, I began to feel like I was back in the prime of my life! Provacyl™ gave me the energy to improve my work functions, the sex drive to improve my marriage, and the image to improve my self-esteem. I’d recommend Provacyl to any man who is afraid of growing older, because now you don’t have to!” - Ted, Jackson, Mississippi
  1. Lack of mental alertness?
  2. Not a clue of the muscles on your body that used to make the girls go "WOW!!!" back at your days?
  3. Instead of it in the mirror you only see fat?
  4. Your sexual drive equals zero?
  5. The feeling of youthfulness and energy is in the past?
If the answer to any one of these is "yes!" than keep on reading,if no than you are a lucky man and dont need to lose your time on this post(but dont forget the address,you will be welcomed when the time comes!).
All of these problems are very common for the aging man,but that doesnt make them one bit unimportant.In fact some of them might have a crucial effect on your health and social life.

These problems can easily break your confidence and will to live the life you desire.Looking at your grand children play (with the other grendpa who is using our product haha) and not been able to go there and be happy could lead to a serious depression. One thing is certain you will not be one happy and good looking man if you let aging get the best of you!

YOU:OK I understand that I have problems and Im ready to reach for the better life!What do you suggest?

I suggest you try Provacyl!

YOU: What is Provacyl?

Provacyl™ is the men's daily formula for optimal health and sexual fitness.

“As I got older, I found myself missing out on all the activities that I most enjoyed when I was younger. I became incredibly frustrated because my body just didn’t function the way it used to. I tried multiple products, claiming to turn back time, but none of them seemed to help, until I found Provacyl™. Not only do I feel younger but I have the energy to do everything I was missing and for so much longer than I could before. Thanks for creating this great product!” - John Cliff, Phoenix, Arizona

With a complete blend of 100% natural ingredients that helps to increase sex drive, stamina, alertness, physical performance, lean muscle, and much more, Provacyl works with your body to get you back to your prime!

Click here for more info!

What exactly are Provacyl`s "100% natural ingredients"?

Here they are:

Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Chaste Berry, Acai Fruit, Panax Ginseng ,
Tribulus Terestris, Swedish Flower Pollen, Long Jack, Anterior Pituitary, Luteinizing Hormone,
Follicle-Stimulating Hormone, Dehydroepiandrosterone.
provacyl box

  1. You still dont understand the benefits?Get back the sex drive,energy and focus you used to have!
  2. Have the muscles that used to impress !
  3. Start doing again what you used to do with extreme happiness!
  4. People will be mistaken you age,and this time it will benefit you!
There is a limited time offer for Provacyl Diamond,Platinum,Golden and Silver packages!
If you order now you will get up to 4 FREE bonuses (including 1 month supply of Provacyl and a free express shipping )Plus save up to 588$(the Diamond package)
And of course dont forget the 90 days 100% money back guarantee!

So ready to become what you once were?A REAL MAN? Yes? Than you better not wait becouse the offers I told you about with the 588$ savings is limited!So if you really are ready CLICK HERE!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What is your body type?

How should I train?

What should my diet be?

Why this works so great for him/her,but for me the effect is a big "0"?

These questions are very often for beginners, you asked them ,I asked them, everybody did.The truth is that there is no "perfect" method for developing the body of your dreams, its all very personal and depends on your body type. Of course each and every body is unique but there are 3 main types that make it easier for you to decide the way you train and eat.


Slender and thin, with long legs, hands and muscles. These people gain weight hard and lose it easy. They also have a very fast metabolism and no fats.

Work outs for ectomorphs-Short sessions, with short rests between the stes so you can stimulate the most growth hormone, also forget about cardio and aerobics.

Diet-eat high calorie foods ,and eat a lot! High protein and carbs is what you need.


With big and strong bones, considerable amounts of body fats and slow metabolism. No problem with gaining weight but keeping it lean muscles is the hard part.

Working out-The main thing is to increase your metabolic rate ,this you can again by a high intense work out,with short rests and a lot of reps.Also don't forget the cardio and aerobics.

Diet-Eat often but small meals so you can boost your metabolism. Make sure you eat meals that are low in fat and simple carbs but high in protein and fibers. Also drink lots of water!


The best genetics for gaining lean muscles mass- athletic and strong in nature, reacting great to work outs.

Work out- Hard with heavy weights- go hard since this body type is able to avoid overtraining much better than the other two. Do cardio from time to time to burn off the fats(if you have any)

Diet- High protein foods are the most important, also get you energy from complex carbs and unsaturated fats.

No matter the type of your body there is always a way to reach your goals. It all comes with time and persistence!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Juicy Power:How to fight sleeping disorder

Getting a good night sleep is crucial for the way you feel during the day. As a consequence to lack of sleep your professional and personal life and general health may suffer greatly, this makes sleeping disorder one of the most dangerous conditions. Different factors affect your sleep: stress, illness, noises, wrong bedtime habits like eating high energy food right before going to bed, etc. But whatever the factors are one thing is certain- this is a problem that needs to be solved. And the best solution in my opinion is always found in mother nature. And mother nature has 3 juice recipes waiting to give you your good night sleep back:

img source: flickr

Recipe number one is carrot and spinach juice
  • 290 grams carrots (10.2 oz)
  • 210 grams spinach (7.4 oz)

img source: flickr

The second recipe is carrot and celery juice

  • 260 grams carrots (9.2 oz)
  • 200 grams celery (7 oz)
  • Note: If you use the celery leafs make it 290 grams (10.2 oz) carrots and 170 grams (6 oz) celery.


The last one is Carrots, Beetroot and Cucumber

  • 290 grams carrot (10.2 oz)
  • 90 grams beetroot (3.2 oz)
  • 90 grams cucumber (3.2 oz)

These are the 3 vegetable juice recipes I know of, try them out and choose the one that has the best effect on you. I'm sure that mother nature will once again make your life better!

Just in case these recipes don't work for you, or you simply don't believe in the power of vegetable juices I will suggest Alteril.

Unlike sleeping pills, which are habit-forming, Alteril is a natural sleep aid, consisting of some of the best-known herbal sleep aids out there, including melatonin, valerian root, chamomile and lemon balm. And, notably, tryptophan and theanine.

Alteril induces deep, long-lasting, refreshing sleep. On those nights when the Sandman seems occupied, it's an insurance policy, to put your mind at ease just knowing it's there. And that's the kind of reassurance that can hasten your date with dreamland.

For more information on Alteril click here!

Also, don't forget to read my post about the 5 Herbs That Cure Insomnia

Sleep well!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Vitamin Table:Vitamin K

The vitamin K is essential for the blood to clot to repair injuries. Every time you have a bleeding vitamin K stops it (being present in the blood) and enables the fast healing of minor cuts.

There are 3 forms of vitamin K:

K1 aka phylloquinone

A fat-soluble vitamin that is stable to air and moisture but decomposes in sunlight, this form is found in plant foods.

K2 aka menaquinone

Required for the blood circulation, it is formed by a friendly bacteria in the intestines.

K3 aka menadione

This form is a fat-soluble vitamin thats converted into menaquinone in the liver, it is not considered a natural vitamin K, rather a synthetic analogue .

All 3 of these end up in the liver and are used to create the blood clotting substances.

Good natural sources for vitamin K are the green leafy vegetables.Supplements are not need due to the fact a form of it is created in the intestines and unless you have intestines problems you will not suffer from deficiency.

Another function of vitamin K is to retain the calcium in the bones and redistribute it to where it is needed, this makes it important for the bone building process.

As I said is rare a person to take vitamin K supplements, but there are certain cases that call for it:

Newborn babies need supplements due to the fact that the bacteria in their intestines is not yet created. Also people that have been on a extended course of antibiotics, because they kill this bacteria so if you take antibiotics for a long period you better think for supplements.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

What is "Glycemic Index"?

glycemic indexAfter my post about the 10 food you should avoid , where I point out the fats, saccharose and glycemic index of some of the most popular foods these days, I came across a bunch of e-mails asking me what exactly is "glycemic index" . So instead of answering each one of them I will write a post about it.

Glycemic index is basically a way to qualify foods with carbohydrate content. It shows how these foods work on the level of blood sugar. Some foods cause a rapid secretion of insulin in the blood, other not so rapid. Control on the level of blood sugar means control on your weight.

After eating foods with a high glycemic index the fast raise of blood sugar levels causes us to feel full, but the following drop is as fast and we are hungry again, so we eat one more time. This creates a big intake of calories, which your organism dosen't need and they get stored as fat.

The glucose is set to be a base for comparison when qualifying foods. It is given a 100% glycemic index

A low glycemic index is no more than 50%

Medium glycemic index is no more than 70%

A high glycemic index is more than 70%

Glycemic index chart...

For instance- Low fat milk has 45% , sweet corn has 80% and honey has the award winning 126%

Eating foods with a high glycemic index often leads to serious conditions like diabetes, heart problems and high cholesterol. Foods with low index lead to less insulin and a gradually rising of the blood sugar levels, which leads to longer feeling of satisfaction and lower calorie intake.

Recently researches show that when foods cooked under heat treatment have their glycemic index higher, but adding protein, healthy fats, fibers etc. lowers it.

It's good to know the glycemic index of what you eat, it can help you control your appetite, calorie intake and blood sugar levels, but thats not enough to keep it healthy- don't forget to work out!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Test:Is Italian kitchen bad for your health?

The Italian kitchen is full of variety. Sea products, sauces, exotic spices, many types of cheese. But it is famous worldwide with the pizza and pasta.

The dough products named "pasta" are 2 types- sack and fresh. Sack are the spaghetti ,macaroni ,farfalle etc.Fresh are lasagna and tagliatelle. There is also pasta with filling like the ravioli. All types of pasta are made from durum. Experts say that both pasta and pizza are low calorie ,that have a balanced amount of carbs and protein. The health problems don't come from the actual pasta or pizza, they come from everything that is added in to the sauces and fillings. This test is very important for people with weight problems or high cholesterol levels.

italian kitchen
Is Italian kitchen bad for your health?

1)How often is Italian food in your weekly menu?

A-Every day 3pts
B-1-2 times weekly-2pts
C-1-2 times in 2 weeks-1pts

2)What types of pizza do you prefer?

B-Every type-3pts
C-I don't eat pizza-1pts

3)What amount of oil does a portion of spaghetti need?

A-1-2 spoonfuls-2pts
B-more than 2 spoonfuls-3pts
C-Not more than 1 spoonful-1pts

4)What amount of cheese do you add to your spaghetti?

A-50-100 grams-2pts
B-More than 100 grams-3pts
C-I don't add cheese-1pts

5)What amount of pasta do you want to have in your portion?

A-Depends on how hungry I am-2pts
B-200-300 grams-3pts
C-around 100 grams-1pts

6)What proportions dough to meat products do you think is best?

B-1:2 in favor of the meat products-3pts
C-1:0,5 or less in favor of the dough products-1pts

7)What pizza size do you prefer?


8)How many of these sauces and spices do you add to your pasta or pizza: Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Chili, Salt, Pepper, other sauces?

A-2-3 of them-2pts
B-All of them-3pts
C-None of them-1pts

9)When do you add them to your pizza or pasta?

A-Every time-3pts

10)Do you have high blood pressure attacks(hypertonic crisis)?

A-Yes,1-2 times per month-2pts

11)Do you feel your liver heavy?

C-I'm not sure-2pts

12)Have you ever had problems with the gall?

C-I don't know-2pts

13)Have you ever felt pain in your toes, not caused by trauma or physical work?

А-Yes,in recent times it gets stronger-3pts
B-Yes,a couple of times in the years-2pts

14)Does your stomach swell after meal?

A-Yes,every time no matter the amount of food I eat-3pts
B-Only if I eat a lot-2pts

That's it now take the points from the answers you gave and add them up to see your score

14 pts-You can enjoy Italian kitchen without worrying about your health, seems it will not have a negative effect on you!

15-35 pts-For you Italian food could be a good source of carbs and protein, and could also have a positive effect on your digestion but be careful with the sauces and fats, they might cause you gall problems!

36+ pts-Italian kitchen could cause you higher cholesterol level and blood pressure, all the strong spices and heavy sauces lead to liver problems, especially when overeating!

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Aerobic and Anaerobic-Whats the difference ?

The terms "aerobic" and "anaerobic" are very commonly found in articles about fitness and weight loss, but my personal experience shows me that not many people know the difference between the two and also when and how to do each. So lets analyze and answer those questions.

Aerobic workout
An aerobic workout is a steady pace workout which involves a lot of endurance. It is called aerobic because a lot of oxygen is used by your organism. Aerobic exercises are jogging,spinning,jumping,biking etc.

Anaerobic workout
anaerobic workout
A highly intensity workout without any notable intake of air. The muscle cells contract without using oxygen or at least they don't depend on it.'This anaerobic movement leaves residual molecules which cause the muscles to be tired. This causes us to feel our body weaker and causes the need of rest between sets.

Where do most people get confused?

OK, so now that the difference between aerobic and anaerobic workout is clear theoretically,  where is the problem?

The problem comes from the fact that some times it is hard to know which one of them you are doing, for instance you may think jumping a rope is aerobic but if you are very intense it will make the cells turn to an anaerobic mode. So it's a key moment that you set realistic goals and not try to make the exercises too intense when you are not in the condition for it. As soon as you feel your muscles are getting tired stop or reduce the pace.

How to use them in combination?

Its clear that an aerobic workout can be useful for weight loss by it self, but for gaining muscle you can't use anaerobic alone, you will not reach maximum effect.

The best way to use the in a combination is to warm up with aerobics for 10-20 min, and than proceed with the anaerobic workout.

Knowing the difference between aerobic and anaerobic workout is one of the most important things in bodybuilding and weight loss, but there is a lot more to it. Some topics are discussed here others are soon to be, but one thing is certain you can never know everything, so don't quit on your hunt for knowledge, even the most popular fitness gurus are still learning new things !

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Test:How much do you know about smoking

This is the second edition of the Friday Test.This time the system is not going to be by points,there will only be 1 correct answer.

One of my most popular posts is stop smoking .This is a very important topic so i decided to make a test about it,its recommended that you read the post before you try the test.
So how much do you really know about smoking?

1)If you are a smoker for many years,and quit today,after 10-20 non smoking years your risk of heart attack will be...

a)Same as when you quit

b)Same as you had never smoked

c)25% lower than when you quit

d)50% lower than a smoker

2)Which of the following is the most effective way to quit smoking?

a)Cutting them down slowly

b)Stopping them at once

c)Using mind methods like hypnosis

d)Attending a nicotine replacement therapy ,or nicotine patches like ZeroNico

3)What % of smokers say that they want to quit it?





4)The number of smoking related deaths worldwide is set to...

a)decrease fast

b)decrease slow

c)keeping a steady level


5)Which answer best decribes the dangers of passive smoking?

a)Passive smoking has been proven to cause a wide range of illnesses

b)It is not proven that passive smoking can cause harms

c)It harms children, but doesnt harm adults

d)Passive smoking rises a persons risk of heart diseases

6)Which diseases smoking doesnt affect?

a)Heart disease

b)Peripheral vascular disease

c)Bladder cancer

d)Parkinson`s disease

7)Which of the following smoking statements is false?

a)Smoking is the reason for 80% of lung cancer deaths

b)Smoking causes earlier menopause in women

c)Smokers lose their sense of smell

d)The richer you are the more you smoke

8)Which groups of ages are more likely to smoke




d)32 or older

9)Which of these substances are found in the smoke of cigarettes




d)All of them

The Answers:

1)-b)-The risk of heart attack is the same as you have never smoked

2)-d)-Nicotine therapy and patches like ZeroNic tend to double the chances of quiting smoking


4)-d)-Unfortunately the worldwide rates of deaths due to smoking are increasing

5)-a)-It is proven that passive smoking causes illness

6)-d)-Smoking doesnt affect the risk of Parkinson`s disease

7)-d)-It is false that when you are richer you smoke more

8)-b)-People from 20-26 are most likely to smoke

9)-d)-All of those chemicals plus hundreds more are found in cigarette smoke

This was the second edition Friday Test i hope you found it useful

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Anger management

angry person
Anger is a negative emotion,so strongly related to pain and depression ,that some times it is hard to say when one of those emotional conditions begins and when it ends.Pain is never associated only with the body,it also has an emotional side.Our emotions are strongly related to how much pain we feel,and pain it self is associated with depression.

Anger is a very powerful emotion and sometimes the feeling of it is good,sometimes anger can motivate you to act more than any other thing in the world,but it also has a negative effect and the key to anger management is to learn to separate the 2 effects.

Surely you have felt how your body is getting tones of energy when you are angry.It starts from your stomach goes up the chest and in the head,after that you are out of control.This can help you for reaching a goal like defending your self in the street ,but anger never helps reaching long term goals.Keeping your head cold and clean is the way to success!

"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

Also anger makes you want to spread the negative emotions to the people surrounding you which may lead to a bad social live = more depression = more anger!

So after pointing out the obvious reasons you should learn to control your anger here is what the psychologist advice:

Accept your anger
First of all you have to learn to accept the anger you feel.many people hide it deep inside and pretend to be calm.This leads to a "explosion" in a certain moment which will affect your social life in a horrifying way.It also bad for your nervous system.

Look at your anger as a signal
Your anger is a signal for the existence of a irritating factor,this signal should have your full attention ,it sholdnt be avoided or repressed.

Try to figure out where your anger will lead you
You are angry,maybe your boss shouts at you in front of your colleges.Where will your anger lead you?If you dont think about it and leave your self on the flow,you will work it off on the people around you...nothing to win everything to lose right?But if you say to your self "how can i use my anger" maybe you will catch the impulse to do something positive in the office and prove your boss wrong,will that not be great?

Listen to your self
Take a second a listen to the dialog in your head,often anger is based on believing that life was injustful to you.Well guess what life isnt based on justice ,its injustful the lion to eat other animals but it happens.So forget about justice and some of your major problems with anger will soon fade away.

As the great Rocky Balboa said :

"Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done."

So if a underdog boxer understood that the world aint all sunshine and rainbows why havnt you yet?Understanding that will free you from self pity which will free you from depression and as you already know depression leads to anger,so no depression=less anger!

If you can really follow those simple tips and understand your anger,it will be bye bye negative anger and hello great life!

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Monday, October 1, 2007

List of 10 foods you should avoid!

A list of all those foods that are hard to resist but have a very negative impact on your health.



Around 60% fats, 30% sucrose and a trough the roof glycemic index-this can't go with any diet!

How can you substitute it?

Protein bars, they leave you satisfied, have the taste of chocolate and are rich in protein. Some companies don't even add sucrose to the bars, they substitute it with fructose or stevia.

2.Ice cream

Around 30% fats ,20% sucrose, kills important bacterias in the stomach micro flora and has a high glycemic index.

How can you substitute it?

Diabetic low fat ice cream will do the job.

3.Potato Chips
Chips is so caloric it's like fuel. It contains 35% fats, 65% carbs and minimum 550 calories in 100 grams.
It was used by the American Indians to help them through their hunt thanks to the fact it is light and easy to carry but contains a high amount of calories, it also has a high glycemic index.

How can you substitute it?

Baked potato chips would be a good substitute.


Another Indian recipe, used again for aiding them in hunt, and once again 550 calories in 100 grams, 30% fats and 60% carbs.

Unfortunately there is nothing similar which you can use as an alternative.

Around 30% sucrose, 10% fats and a high glycemic index, the big problem here is that one shake is never enough...


Protein shake with a ball of diabetic low calorie ice cream.

6.Sodas (containing sugar)

Around 15% sucrose, high glycemic index and carbon dioxide that kills the stomach micro flora and disturbs the tone of your stomach muscles. This means soda = no abs.

How can i substitute it?

Isotonic drinks-they give you a bunch of great minerals and are refreshing.

7.Instant ramen and cup noodles

What makes ramen so bad is the manufacture process ( deep fried ) and the high amounts of fat, sodium, preservatives and mono sodium glutamate. Cup noodles are even worse since they have more fats and sugar. This makes ramen and cup noodles bad for your heart, eyes, blood pressure, cholesterol and your general appearance ( since sodium tends to keep water in your body, which will make you look bloated and also slow down your metabolism).

8.Dry meats(jerk,flat sausage etc.)

Unknown sell-by date, unknown age of meat, there was a case a year ago in Bulgaria in which there was some 18 year old meat from England caught on the Bulgarian border, imagine if you put some of that in to your body... even if you survive your diet will be over... plus dry meats contain a lot of fats, salt and preservatives.


Fresh meat fillets, steamed meat bites or fried liver.


They give you a feeling you are satisfied ...for as long as 30 mins. Than you go buy another one and another one, and before you know it you ate 400 calories and your still hungry plus it contains 70% carbs, 10% fats and a lot of sugar.

No substitutes!

Around 25% saccharose, this is a calorie bomb! Just forget about it!

How can i substitute it?

With low-carb ketchup souse for diabetics.

A good way to keep your self away from the temptation of these foods is using an appetite suppressant. The one I would recommend is the 100% natural ProShape RX. Those Hoodia Gordonii (which is an South African plant that is the best known natural appetite suppressant) based pills seem to make dieting easy as 2+2.

Now I suggest you print this post and put it next to your shopping list or in your wallet to remind you when you are in the grocery store!

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