Monday, December 10, 2007

Romance:Mеn like short women, but they like tall men

The explanation for this isn't a complicated theory, in fact according the UK psychologist it is a default set centuries ago.

After 1000 men and women participated in the survey, it was clear that men do like shorter women and women on the other hand prefer tall guys

Its seems that even tough most guys have crushes on tall super models, in real life, they are looking for a women at a maximum 1,55 m ( 5.0 feet ) ! The statistics show that these women are getting married faster and easier. They also get pregnant more frequently and are known for picking family over carrier.short women

The bad news for some guys is: short guys don't get lucky!

Well thats not a rule, but the UK researchers are pretty sure that women always look for the taller male: " If the man is taller than 1,80 m ( 5.9 feet ) he will find it hard to remain single. Most women will find in him the desired husband and father of their children. "

tall men
Psychologist say that the reasons are both physiological and psychological: " The reason for women to prefer tall man is that they associate the hight with strength and vitality. This means that the meal has "good" genes, and he will be a good father and defender of the family. Of course the fact that women want successful man didn't change in the years. So being tall an successful will make you a magnet to all the girls! "

The researchers also have a simple explanation about the male preferences: " The fragile and short lady is always associated with obedience. And almost all the guys want to be the head of the family, and really be the stronger half in the relationship. Also short are practically "screaming" for a defender, which once again is an age old concept- men are the protectors of their women.".

So short girls don't be despaired if you see the man you love staring at the long legs of a 2 m ( 6.5 foot ) top model, in reality he wants you!

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