Saturday, December 1, 2007

Juicy Power:Fight Acne

Acne is one of the biggest problems for teenagers and even many adults.In this blog you can find several posts about treating it.In all of them and probably at the end of this one I speak my mind on what is the best solution in my opinion.But knowing that many of you either dont have the money or are not ready to trust such a treatment,I decided to give you a very cheap and sometimes effective way to fight acne.This way may sound strange to people who think that acne has to be treated only from the outside, for those people I can say only one thing-having a balanced diet can kick acne out of your life for good!Ok, so this "strange" say to treat acne is trough drinking juices.

There are 3 effective juice recipes against acne, and here they are:
  1. Carrot juice ,simply carrot juice!It can prevent many skin diseases like dermatitis,acne and others!Thats why it is in all the 3 recipes.
carrot juice
  1. Carrots and Spinach
-290 grams carrots ( 10.22 oz )
-170 grams spinach ( 6 oz )
  1. Carrots,Spinach and Salad
-230 grams carrots (10.22 oz)
-140 grams salad ( 4.9 oz )
-90 grams spinach ( 3.17 oz )

These 3 recipes are the best solutions to acne vegetables can give. And as I promised the best solution to acne science can give in my opinion is The ClearPores Cleansing System. Its facial and body system will make you feel clean and beautiful again, and trust me it will not be just a feeling, it will be reality! To read my ClearPores review post click HERE!

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web said...

Hi, thank you for your participation in the carnival of healing at Where we Relax here is a copy of this weeks carnival

Criss said...

I'll buy it when you say juices help the skin, but it doesn't fight acne. There's no way. I've tried all that type of stuff. From what i understand and from what i've read on

gender is what makes the big difference in acne.

Different genders simply need different treatments or routines. So while juice may help your skin, i think we need something that will target the differences in the fact that a guy's skin is 25% thicker than that of a girl.