Monday, December 24, 2007

Hindu Push ups

man performing hindu push ups
Hindu push ups is a complicated exercise with elements of standard push ups. The phase of lowering is performed slow and the actual pushing is done with explosiveness.

The technique is hard and consists permanent concentration. I different phases of the movement, pressure will be applied to different muscles, so make sure you warmed up properly.

Hindu push ups are great for shoulder and chest conditioning, they also stabilize the interaction of the torso muscles.

Types of hindu push ups:

According to the position of the body:
  1. Standard type-legs spread wide and on the ground
  2. Legs on a high stand. Most pressure applied on the shoulders

According to pushing technique:
  1. Going up with a shift in weight. Legs and spine well stretched-pressures the abs and leg muscles. Than go back following the same path.This will pressure the chest and shoulders.

Method of execution

Getting ready
  1. Stand on your knees and lay your palms on the floor
  2. The position of the palms should be as width as your shoulders
  3. The knees have to be under your coxofemoral joints, but one span aside
  4. Stand on a push up, stretch the legs and spine
  5. The fingers of your feet should be at least a span aside from your palms


Going down
  1. Let your shoulders in a straight line toward your wrists, keep the spine straight! Short before the shoulders touch your wrists, shift your weight and slide forward.
  2. Slide until your elbows get close to your wrists, than push up like in the standard push ups, shifting the weight in front. Unlike the classic push up, in hindu push ups the spine bends towards the ground forming a rainbow.

Going up (mirror movement)
  1. In the mirror movement, move the elbows back to the wrists and lower your shoulders to the floor.
  2. When the shoulders reach you wrists and the body is close to the floor ( with straight legs and spine ) push to the beginning position.

Shift of weight
  1. Lift the pelvis and move it back without folding the elbows and knees. Shift the weight to the pelvis and go in start position with a straight spine.
Hindu push ups are great for chest and shoulder strength but I dont recommend it to overweighted people and people with less than 6 months of experience, unless they have a specialist in charge of their work out.

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Rajesh said...

Can u please suggest how the breath should be in each position while doing the hindu push ups.

Anonymous said...

you need to breathe out as u look forward.. breathe in as u go back to the original position..