Monday, December 3, 2007

5 popular myths about food

Eat this, eat that, dont eat dinner, spinach makes your muscles grow like Popeye`s ...what is really true? You can sure get confused from all those myths about food, the only way to know which is the real deal and which is made up is to learn. In this post you will see 5 of the most popular food myths go down!

The first one is-Margarine contains less calories than butter
butter over margarine
Actually they are pretty much equal-around 360 in 100 grams ( 3.5 oz ), but the more important thing is from where those calories come.In margarine the fats are vegetable ,in butter they are animal. But dont be too quick to jump on the margarine!Keep in mind that it goes trough longer treatment which means it contains more trans fats, and trans fats are evil!So I recommend butter instead of margarine.

Number two is- Eggs raise you cholesterol levels

Well thats not entirely wrong.One part of the eggs really has that effect, and thats the yolks!If you remove it you will not have any problems with cholesterol levels.

The third myth going down is-Macaroni makes you fat
macaroni makes you fat myth
200 grams ( 7 oz ) well cooked macaroni contain only 180 calories .And not only that they dont make you fat but actually they have a positive effect on your fitness !The problem here ( as I pointed out in my " Is Italian kitchen bad for your health test " ) is with the heavy sauces and fillings added in large amounts when cooking them.If you just keep it light you will have a well balanced and healthy meal!

4 is-Dont eat dinner

No!Eat your dinner, but keep it before 19:30, and only if you are very very hungry and none of those ways to suppress appetite work you can eat some yogurt but not more than 100 ml!

And the last popular myth is-Spinach is rich on iron
Because of the popular series "Popeye the sailor man" people started to eat tons of spinach just to have enough iron.Actually it contains only 4 mg ( 0.0001 oz ) per 100 grams ( 3.5 oz ), compared with the liver at 15mg/100 grams and parsley at 10mg/100 grams it is no more than a myth!

Those are just a couple of the many popular myths about food you can hear or read about,I will continue to come up with posts on that topic, so that one day you will have a good resource about what, when and why you should eat!

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