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20 tips to restore your energy

The human organism is a complicated mechanism that is affected from anything we do, the way we eat, what we eat, how much we sleep etc. And if you feel that your energy is too low, it means what you are doing something wrong, and you better think about some corrections. Why not start with these 20 tips to restore your energy?

1.Cut on the sweet beverages!

Soda, tee, coffee anything with sugar is bad for your health. Not only that they reduce your energy, but they have many other negative effects, so try to stick to water or vegetable/fruit juices without sugar!

2.Reduce the sugar intake!
Sugar is known for its negative effects to a person's fitness. So cutting on it will greatly increase your energy!

3.When you are over excited or stressed try to breath properly!

Take a deep breath around 10 times, and try to start breathing normally. This will stop your nervous system from overloading and save you some headaches!

Spend at least 30 minutes a day on exercising. It could be a simple walk, jogging, pilates, yoga, fitness anything. It will help your body speed up its metabolism, and with that your energy will raise!

5.Instead of coffee, drink green tea!

It is a great tonic and helps when you are exhausted. It also has many more positive health effects like preventing caries, prevents some forms of cancer and many more!

6.Have a good night sleep!
A good sleep is no less and no more than 8 hours! UK scientists have proven that sleeping less than 7-8 hours raises the risk of cancer with 110% the same counts for sleeping more than that time. If it has such an effect on a thing like cancer risk, think what it could do to your fitness!

7.Avoid using the microwave!

When food is treated under a temperature of 120C and also under the effect of the microwaves the enzymes dissolve. Since they are what contains the energy needed by the organism its normal to have decreased energy levels when using the microwave too frequently.

8.Contact with positive people!
positive contacts
This will make you feel more comfortable with your life and will raise your spirit. A healthy spirit means a healthy body!

9.Eat fruits for breakfast and veggies for lunch and dinner

There is no need to get all fanatic about it, but when you feel like you can have such a menu do it!

10.Ensure emotional stability before you go to sleep and when you wake up!
emotional stability
This will protect you from stress and all the conditions that follow it, for example-cancer. Plus it will help you feel better and more energetic!

11.Listen to your favorite music more often!

It will calm your nervous system and relax your body!

12.Never skip breakfast!
skipping breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal in your day. Skipping it will not only lower your energy but it will have a negative effect on your metabolism as well!

13.Don't skip lunch!

It will help you maintain your energy for the rest of the day!

14.Make small breaks at work!
breaks at work
Take your eyes of the PC for a minute or two, take a walk, drink a tea or a cold water. This will refresh you and help your concentration for the rest of the day!

15.Examen your self for any allergies!

Often allergies show their self trough decline in energy!

16.Make sure that in every meal you have proteins!
Proteins help keeping a solid glucose level in your blood, this leads to high energy levels. Meat, eggs, yogurt, fish and nuts are a good protein source. Just dont get carried away! For more info on protein click here.

17.Every foods you eat must contain those 3 ingredients:

Coenzyme Q10, magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids. Read the label of the products before you buy them!

18.Take supplements!
restore energy
I can recommend 2 types of supplements, they both will raise your energy levels, but differ in the other benefits they provide.

ProShape RX - Its primary effect is suppressing appetite and weight loss, but it also increases energy big times! It also is 100% natural and side effect free!

Provacyl-This is the dietary supplement of the aging man. If you think your lack of energy could be an effect of aging, than this is for you! Again 100% natural and side effect free!
To read a Provacyl review click HERE

19.Check the mildew level in your intestines!

A high level causes stomach problems and a desire to eat something sweet. And as you have already read, sweet causes a low energy level!

20.Make sure that your lack of energy isn't caused by a serious medical condition!
medical condition
Go to your doctor and tell him that you are low on energy and he will do the needed exams!

If you found something you were doing wrong correct it and your energy will immediately
raise, and with that your lifestyle and work rate!

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