Saturday, December 29, 2007

13 tips for a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I'm certain that you hear that all the time and its true. So no matter how busy your lifestyle is, you need to make sure that you have time for breakfast.

Most people who do eat breakfast, tend to rush out of their homes with a donut in the hand. That's a bad idea. Since breakfast is so important, you better watch out what it is made out of. Jumping to the sugary breakfast foods is the most common mistake.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to not fall a sleep at work? Have you ever noticed how during the day you get tired? This is caused by eating the wrong foods for breakfast. You don't realize how important this meal is. What are some good things to eat for breakfast? First, lets start off with what are the bad foods.

Don't eat donuts

For the reasons mentioned above.

Don't eat any cereals that are loaded with sugar

This is nothing more than empty calories. They don't offer you anything. Not only that, but too much of this and you will even gain weight. The sluggish feeling you have before lunch is because you ate too much sugar!

Don't eat a ton of fried foods

Don't stuff your self with bacon, fried eggs, and french toast. The added fat will weigh you down.

Don't eat those pastries that come in the boxes

These are loaded with sugar. They don't offer you anything that is actually good for you. They rob you of all the things that you should be eating.

Don't drink coffee

Coffee gives you energy, but it can't replace breakfast.

Eat a cereal that is low in sugar

If its low in sugar cereal with milk is a great breakfast. It is a good all around meal.

Make yourself an egg sandwich

Most people seem to love the egg sandwiches at fast food restaurants. Why not make one at home? You can put cheese and ham on it. Use your imagination.

Eggs are a good breakfast food

Eggs are not bad for you, maybe the yolks are a bit bad, but the whites are OK. Eat them but not too much! And don't drink them raw!


If you have one of those griddles that you don't need to add fat too you can have them for breakfast more often. To cut down on calories, instead of using butter and syrup, put fresh fruit on them.

Juice is great for breakfast

This is a discussed topic in several posts. Fresh juices are very healthy and nutritional.

Old fashioned toast

Just watch out for the butter and other things you put on it


A great breakfast, add some milk and a bit of fruits and you are ready for a good day.

Fruit salad

Refreshing, tasty and healthy, just mix your favorite fruits and call it a breakfast.

You see, a good breakfast isn't hard to make, and can be very tasty. I hope you like those tips and you stick to them!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

5 acne myths down in flames!

Acne is a very popular skin problem, so its more than normal to be surrounded by myths and legens. There are some common "lies" that most people take as truth with no doubt at all. These are 5 of the most common acne myths:

Only teenagers suffer from acne.

It is true that most teenagers have acne, but so do a big part of the adults. The difference is that the teens pay bigger attention to it so it looks like only they have the problem. Actually many people carry acne over from their teen years and other develop it for the first time as adults. So if you were hoping that acne will heal it self when you hit a certain age you better stop and start treating it!

Chocolate, pizza and french fries cause acne.

Thats all wrong, the only connection between acne and diet, is that the more protein and omega-3 fatty acids you supply your body, the less acne you have. This means that there is no way eating food can provoke acne. Not eating it-yes, but eating-no! Of course you will never hear me recommend those foods (except for pizza but watch out for what you are "stuffing" it with!) cause they will react badly to your overall health and shape!

A list of 10 foods you should avoid - and not because of acne!

Acne is caused by too much or not enough sex.

Sex has nothing to do with acne. Hormonal changes in the body lead to acne- but those changes are not affected by sex or masturbating in any way. This is one of the most absurd and yet believed in claims about acne.

The more you wash your skin, the less acne you'll have.

Washing your face too often and scrubbing too hard can only cause more acne. There is no need to wash your face more than 2 times a day. In some cases it will help, but in most cases acne is not caused on the surface of the skin so washing it with water and soap will not change anything. The soap will only dry your skin, which will cause you more skin problems.

Squeezing pimples is a good thing.

On the contrary, squeezing the pimples can only cause infection which can result in 2 ways- more acne or permanent scaring!

These are just 5 of the many acne myths, knowing really what causes acne is the key to understanding the way to fight it. And just because no battle is won without help, I have written a post about the 2 best acne treatment products. I personally used ClearPores and it did a great job, but Im also certain in the superb effect of Acnezine. So I leave it to you to pick the one that best suites your interest.

Click here to read the 2 best acne treatment products post!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Hindu Push ups

man performing hindu push ups
Hindu push ups is a complicated exercise with elements of standard push ups. The phase of lowering is performed slow and the actual pushing is done with explosiveness.

The technique is hard and consists permanent concentration. I different phases of the movement, pressure will be applied to different muscles, so make sure you warmed up properly.

Hindu push ups are great for shoulder and chest conditioning, they also stabilize the interaction of the torso muscles.

Types of hindu push ups:

According to the position of the body:
  1. Standard type-legs spread wide and on the ground
  2. Legs on a high stand. Most pressure applied on the shoulders

According to pushing technique:
  1. Going up with a shift in weight. Legs and spine well stretched-pressures the abs and leg muscles. Than go back following the same path.This will pressure the chest and shoulders.

Method of execution

Getting ready
  1. Stand on your knees and lay your palms on the floor
  2. The position of the palms should be as width as your shoulders
  3. The knees have to be under your coxofemoral joints, but one span aside
  4. Stand on a push up, stretch the legs and spine
  5. The fingers of your feet should be at least a span aside from your palms


Going down
  1. Let your shoulders in a straight line toward your wrists, keep the spine straight! Short before the shoulders touch your wrists, shift your weight and slide forward.
  2. Slide until your elbows get close to your wrists, than push up like in the standard push ups, shifting the weight in front. Unlike the classic push up, in hindu push ups the spine bends towards the ground forming a rainbow.

Going up (mirror movement)
  1. In the mirror movement, move the elbows back to the wrists and lower your shoulders to the floor.
  2. When the shoulders reach you wrists and the body is close to the floor ( with straight legs and spine ) push to the beginning position.

Shift of weight
  1. Lift the pelvis and move it back without folding the elbows and knees. Shift the weight to the pelvis and go in start position with a straight spine.
Hindu push ups are great for chest and shoulder strength but I dont recommend it to overweighted people and people with less than 6 months of experience, unless they have a specialist in charge of their work out.

Make sure you read my post on what is protein and why do we need it if you want to ensure a positive effect from your workouts!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Menopause

depressed woman
img source: flickr

The Menopause is defined by doctors as the period that comes after your last menstruation. It can start at the age form 30 to 40 and sometimes it is as long as 20 - 30 years. It is defined by many hormonal, physical and psychosocial changes.

The menopause is a natural biological process not an illness, and even tough you will go through many changes, it is not the end of your youth and sexuality. Today most of the women live half of their lives in menopause.

The symptoms of this biological process :
  1. Irregular menstruation. Your periods can stop at once or gradually, surely a contingency in your menstruation is the first sign of the menopause.
  2. Pain during sex. A lowering in the estrogen level leads to a thinning of the vaginal tissue, which causes pain during the act of love.
  3. Hot flashes. A sudden blush or warm up in the facial area, the neck and the upper back, which may cause sweating. Lasts for a couple of minutes
  4. Night sweating. It can lead to sleeping disorders.
  5. Emotional shift. A quick change of moods like irritability, anxiety, elation or depression are clear signs of the menopause.
  6. Change in appearance. Fats that were concentrated in your hip and thigh are now on your belly, wrinkles appear and your hair becomes thin.
Problems caused by the menopause
  1. Heart diseases
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Urine incontinence
  4. Weight gain
happy woman
img source: flickr

Treating the menopause

Menopause it self doesn't request a medical approach. Instead you can focus on reducing the level of changes that take place. That can be achieved by suppling enough estrogen to your organism.

The most common way to do this is the hormone replacement therapy, but due to the many side effects it too drastic and in my opinion uncalled for.

A few side effects are:
  1. Unexpected bleeding
  2. Headache
  3. Breast tension and swelling
  4. and more!

The other way to provide estrogen is trough supplements.

Menozac is a great mix of herbs, that will help you cope with all the symptoms in a more natural, safe and time tested manner. The naturally occurring phytoestrogens in this supplement works over time so it can gradually replenish the low hormonal levels in your blood stream.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Self Improvement-5 success tips

5 tips that will help you have great success in your personal life and business:

1.Never give up!

Even if things start to get tough, don't give up! Many of the greatest things were made after many many tries.Tomas Edison had 9 999 unsuccessful attempts in creating the incandescent light bulb, and guess what 10 000 was the winning. He did it because he never gave up!

"Victory belongs to the most persevering."

Napoleon Bonaparte

2.Never lose your will to learn!

Always try to learn, learn from everything. Especially from your mistakes. Mistaking is just another oppurtunity to learn and become better. You can never know everything, so take the chance to learn with excitement. Once again I will use Tomas Edison and his light bulb as an example. When asked by a young man about his 9 999 failures, Edison commented
"I didn't fail 9 999 times, I discovered 9 999 ways not to invent the light bulb"

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning."

Albert Einstein

3.Stay motivated!

This shouldn't be hard to achieve, assuming you do what you have passion and desire about. But if you ever start to fill unmotivated and doubt what you are doing, than you need some motivation. Find movies, books or whatever inspires you and use it whenever you become unsure.

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing -that's why we recommend it daily."

Zig Ziglar

4.Get past your fears of failing!

Fear of failing is a normal emotion, but no matter how normal it is, overcoming fear is the determining factor between failure and success. The key is in believe in your self and what you are trying to achieve. And remember that nothing is impossible!

"Men are born to succeed, not fail."

Henry David Thoreau

5.Expand your mind.

Stretch your ideas, remember that there are no limits to the human mind. Always try to take your ideas one step further. Stay ahead of every one so you can be the best!

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

Bruce Lee

These are 5 success tips, keep your eyes open cause there are more to come ;)

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Green Tea And It's Weight Loss Benefits

green tea
Green tea is known for several health benefits
  1. It inhibits the growth of new cancer cells and kills existing cancer cells
  2. Increases energy expenditure up to 4 percent.
  3. Prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
  4. Reduces the risk of colon, breast, and lung cancer.
  5. Boosts the immune system.
  6. Has an anti-inflammatory effect making it a good supplement for those with arthritis.
  7. Helps in the prevention of tooth decay.
  8. Detoxifies 

The benefit that we will focus today is weight loss.

Recent studies show that green tea is highly effective in losing weight. It contains a substance called catechins, which increases the rate of your metabolism and suppresses appetite.

Another study was made in order to prove  green tea's weight loss benefits. There were two groups of men that had exactly the same meals for 3 months, however, to group one was given a green tea supplement and to group two a placebo. The subjects in both groups didn't incorporate any exercises or other lifestyle changes that would lead to weight loss. The results were:
  1. Group 1 lost an average of 5,3 ibs in weight 
  2. Group 2 lost and average of 2,3 ibs

So green tea is a great weight loss tool, and thats a fact. But whats the best way to get green tea and include it in your daily diet?

Firs of all, whatever you do, don't drink bottled green tea! It usually contains lots of sugar and other preservatives , that make it unhealthy.

If you intend to rely solely  on green tea just go to a local shop that sells high quality organic teas and buy as much as you need (just make sure you calculate your servings right, cause too much green tea will lead to sleeping disorder because of the caffeine it contains).

If you have decided to lose weight I recommend that you read my post 7 Reasons Low Calorie Diets Simply Don't Work. It's a good place to start and it will help you avoid one of the major weight loss mistakes.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Overweight people have never been more!

aliens will eat fat people first"More than 1.7 billion people in the world are overweight and 2.5 million die every year as a result to this!" - World Health Organization

The scientists find the reason for this unpleasant event hidden in the technological progress. It has made life so easy that people can live with less effort than ever before. They don't have to climb stares any more, they use elevators. They don't have to cook anymore, fast food comes in minutes. They don't have to go out so they can date, they can do it online. That's not good, you have probably heard of the sentence "No pain, no gain" , well in this case it is "No pain, much gain" the gain of weight that is. If people want to be healthy and good looking they have to start making their life physically harder. Otherwise they will end up one of those 1.7 billion, or even one of the 2.5 million... And actually those numbers are going up every time a research is made. Scary?!

There's one good old fashion way to of the excess weight and its called exercising. Something I would definitely recommend is Pilates. Its effective in losing weight, reducing stress, energy boosting, making your spine flexible, improving blood circulation, increasing stamina and so on.
Just go to your local Gym and ask if they have a Pilates group. Most gyms do!

Another good way to burn fats is jogging. Its the most simple and common way to reduce your weight and break away from your everyday problems. But to do so you have to jog the right way! Click here to learn how to jog the right way!

These are just two of the many exercises you can pick from, but it doesn't really matter what you choose, the important thing is to stop living a sedentary life and start working on your health!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Romance:Mеn like short women, but they like tall men

The explanation for this isn't a complicated theory, in fact according the UK psychologist it is a default set centuries ago.

After 1000 men and women participated in the survey, it was clear that men do like shorter women and women on the other hand prefer tall guys

Its seems that even tough most guys have crushes on tall super models, in real life, they are looking for a women at a maximum 1,55 m ( 5.0 feet ) ! The statistics show that these women are getting married faster and easier. They also get pregnant more frequently and are known for picking family over carrier.short women

The bad news for some guys is: short guys don't get lucky!

Well thats not a rule, but the UK researchers are pretty sure that women always look for the taller male: " If the man is taller than 1,80 m ( 5.9 feet ) he will find it hard to remain single. Most women will find in him the desired husband and father of their children. "

tall men
Psychologist say that the reasons are both physiological and psychological: " The reason for women to prefer tall man is that they associate the hight with strength and vitality. This means that the meal has "good" genes, and he will be a good father and defender of the family. Of course the fact that women want successful man didn't change in the years. So being tall an successful will make you a magnet to all the girls! "

The researchers also have a simple explanation about the male preferences: " The fragile and short lady is always associated with obedience. And almost all the guys want to be the head of the family, and really be the stronger half in the relationship. Also short are practically "screaming" for a defender, which once again is an age old concept- men are the protectors of their women.".

So short girls don't be despaired if you see the man you love staring at the long legs of a 2 m ( 6.5 foot ) top model, in reality he wants you!

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Friday, December 7, 2007

20 tips to restore your energy

The human organism is a complicated mechanism that is affected from anything we do, the way we eat, what we eat, how much we sleep etc. And if you feel that your energy is too low, it means what you are doing something wrong, and you better think about some corrections. Why not start with these 20 tips to restore your energy?

1.Cut on the sweet beverages!

Soda, tee, coffee anything with sugar is bad for your health. Not only that they reduce your energy, but they have many other negative effects, so try to stick to water or vegetable/fruit juices without sugar!

2.Reduce the sugar intake!
Sugar is known for its negative effects to a person's fitness. So cutting on it will greatly increase your energy!

3.When you are over excited or stressed try to breath properly!

Take a deep breath around 10 times, and try to start breathing normally. This will stop your nervous system from overloading and save you some headaches!

Spend at least 30 minutes a day on exercising. It could be a simple walk, jogging, pilates, yoga, fitness anything. It will help your body speed up its metabolism, and with that your energy will raise!

5.Instead of coffee, drink green tea!

It is a great tonic and helps when you are exhausted. It also has many more positive health effects like preventing caries, prevents some forms of cancer and many more!

6.Have a good night sleep!
A good sleep is no less and no more than 8 hours! UK scientists have proven that sleeping less than 7-8 hours raises the risk of cancer with 110% the same counts for sleeping more than that time. If it has such an effect on a thing like cancer risk, think what it could do to your fitness!

7.Avoid using the microwave!

When food is treated under a temperature of 120C and also under the effect of the microwaves the enzymes dissolve. Since they are what contains the energy needed by the organism its normal to have decreased energy levels when using the microwave too frequently.

8.Contact with positive people!
positive contacts
This will make you feel more comfortable with your life and will raise your spirit. A healthy spirit means a healthy body!

9.Eat fruits for breakfast and veggies for lunch and dinner

There is no need to get all fanatic about it, but when you feel like you can have such a menu do it!

10.Ensure emotional stability before you go to sleep and when you wake up!
emotional stability
This will protect you from stress and all the conditions that follow it, for example-cancer. Plus it will help you feel better and more energetic!

11.Listen to your favorite music more often!

It will calm your nervous system and relax your body!

12.Never skip breakfast!
skipping breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal in your day. Skipping it will not only lower your energy but it will have a negative effect on your metabolism as well!

13.Don't skip lunch!

It will help you maintain your energy for the rest of the day!

14.Make small breaks at work!
breaks at work
Take your eyes of the PC for a minute or two, take a walk, drink a tea or a cold water. This will refresh you and help your concentration for the rest of the day!

15.Examen your self for any allergies!

Often allergies show their self trough decline in energy!

16.Make sure that in every meal you have proteins!
Proteins help keeping a solid glucose level in your blood, this leads to high energy levels. Meat, eggs, yogurt, fish and nuts are a good protein source. Just dont get carried away! For more info on protein click here.

17.Every foods you eat must contain those 3 ingredients:

Coenzyme Q10, magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids. Read the label of the products before you buy them!

18.Take supplements!
restore energy
I can recommend 2 types of supplements, they both will raise your energy levels, but differ in the other benefits they provide.

ProShape RX - Its primary effect is suppressing appetite and weight loss, but it also increases energy big times! It also is 100% natural and side effect free!

Provacyl-This is the dietary supplement of the aging man. If you think your lack of energy could be an effect of aging, than this is for you! Again 100% natural and side effect free!
To read a Provacyl review click HERE

19.Check the mildew level in your intestines!

A high level causes stomach problems and a desire to eat something sweet. And as you have already read, sweet causes a low energy level!

20.Make sure that your lack of energy isn't caused by a serious medical condition!
medical condition
Go to your doctor and tell him that you are low on energy and he will do the needed exams!

If you found something you were doing wrong correct it and your energy will immediately
raise, and with that your lifestyle and work rate!

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Monday, December 3, 2007

5 popular myths about food

Eat this, eat that, dont eat dinner, spinach makes your muscles grow like Popeye`s ...what is really true? You can sure get confused from all those myths about food, the only way to know which is the real deal and which is made up is to learn. In this post you will see 5 of the most popular food myths go down!

The first one is-Margarine contains less calories than butter
butter over margarine
Actually they are pretty much equal-around 360 in 100 grams ( 3.5 oz ), but the more important thing is from where those calories come.In margarine the fats are vegetable ,in butter they are animal. But dont be too quick to jump on the margarine!Keep in mind that it goes trough longer treatment which means it contains more trans fats, and trans fats are evil!So I recommend butter instead of margarine.

Number two is- Eggs raise you cholesterol levels

Well thats not entirely wrong.One part of the eggs really has that effect, and thats the yolks!If you remove it you will not have any problems with cholesterol levels.

The third myth going down is-Macaroni makes you fat
macaroni makes you fat myth
200 grams ( 7 oz ) well cooked macaroni contain only 180 calories .And not only that they dont make you fat but actually they have a positive effect on your fitness !The problem here ( as I pointed out in my " Is Italian kitchen bad for your health test " ) is with the heavy sauces and fillings added in large amounts when cooking them.If you just keep it light you will have a well balanced and healthy meal!

4 is-Dont eat dinner

No!Eat your dinner, but keep it before 19:30, and only if you are very very hungry and none of those ways to suppress appetite work you can eat some yogurt but not more than 100 ml!

And the last popular myth is-Spinach is rich on iron
Because of the popular series "Popeye the sailor man" people started to eat tons of spinach just to have enough iron.Actually it contains only 4 mg ( 0.0001 oz ) per 100 grams ( 3.5 oz ), compared with the liver at 15mg/100 grams and parsley at 10mg/100 grams it is no more than a myth!

Those are just a couple of the many popular myths about food you can hear or read about,I will continue to come up with posts on that topic, so that one day you will have a good resource about what, when and why you should eat!

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Juicy Power:Fight Acne

Acne is one of the biggest problems for teenagers and even many adults.In this blog you can find several posts about treating it.In all of them and probably at the end of this one I speak my mind on what is the best solution in my opinion.But knowing that many of you either dont have the money or are not ready to trust such a treatment,I decided to give you a very cheap and sometimes effective way to fight acne.This way may sound strange to people who think that acne has to be treated only from the outside, for those people I can say only one thing-having a balanced diet can kick acne out of your life for good!Ok, so this "strange" say to treat acne is trough drinking juices.

There are 3 effective juice recipes against acne, and here they are:
  1. Carrot juice ,simply carrot juice!It can prevent many skin diseases like dermatitis,acne and others!Thats why it is in all the 3 recipes.
carrot juice
  1. Carrots and Spinach
-290 grams carrots ( 10.22 oz )
-170 grams spinach ( 6 oz )
  1. Carrots,Spinach and Salad
-230 grams carrots (10.22 oz)
-140 grams salad ( 4.9 oz )
-90 grams spinach ( 3.17 oz )

These 3 recipes are the best solutions to acne vegetables can give. And as I promised the best solution to acne science can give in my opinion is The ClearPores Cleansing System. Its facial and body system will make you feel clean and beautiful again, and trust me it will not be just a feeling, it will be reality! To read my ClearPores review post click HERE!

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