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Romance:50 first date ideas

Have you ever struggled to think of a place where your first date will be exciting and result in the way you dreamed?If yes than this post is for you!I offer you 50 first date ideas

The most simple,traditional and inexpensive first date.There is nothing like drinking a warm coffee with the girl you like.But on the other hand, it really isn't exciting and new huh?Plus there is nothing else to do except talk,and if you run out of topics there will be an awkward silence.I recommend it only on a low budget.

A little more exciting than the coffee shop,you can also have a drink which will help you loose a bit. Easier to flirt and if the date doesn't go well,there are a lot of women waiting for a flirt or you can always get drunk ;)

3.High profile restaurant
Very classy,allows you to act as a gentleman,also good food and a nice wine will help things going.But as in the coffee shop,the problem is that there is nothing to do but talk.

4.Ice skating
Its always fun and exciting,especially if the girl cant skate ,leaving her no choice than to grab a hold of you.This will surely make you feel and if you are lucky she could fall for you(literally). Of course to take a girl ice skating you have to be a good skater ,otherwise whats the point?

5.The Cinema
A great date.Not to expensive,allows you be in the dark with the girl,no talking you just have to watch the movie, plus it will give you a topic for after the movie`s end.Just make sure the movie is good,otherwise it could go bad.Girls like comedies ,just go to a movie where you will laugh you ass out,or to a horror movie where she will get really scared and will feel need for your protection.

Like the cinema no need of talking and can be a good subject afterwards.The girl will think you are an intelligent guy who likes to spend time on his spirit and mind.It will surely make you interesting in her eyes.

Its always good to go out in mother nature,walk around,have fun and importantly save money ;)

8.Amusement Park
Now this is lots and lots of fun,but keep in mind that you will really spend cash on it.But if its worth it what are you waiting for?Go to the haunted house,the roller coasters everything!
first date ideas
Another intellectual activity,but do it only if you are really interested in what the museum has to offer.Otherwise the night might turn out pretty doll.

10.Magic show
Women really get excited and impressed by magic.And who doesn't?Its the coolest thing!And to add some more thrill you can always ask the magician if you can come with your lady after the show and introduce him as your old friend.That will nail her!

Another fun activity that will make you feel childish and playful.Plus once again you can arrange things so that you both get picked to participate in a stunt or something.It will be a good memory that will get you very close.

12.Roller Blading
Pretty much like the ice skating.Its fun,it gives you a chance to show skills and to be closer to the girl without it being rood.

13.Art galleries
Once again,do it only if you are interested in art.And pay attention to the art not to her breasts! What will you say if she asks you which was your favorite painting for instance?You obviously cant say "uh,oh, your breasts..." right ;)

14.Aqua park
One of the coolest things to do on a hot day.Its just awesome,but kind of expensive...

15.Test drive
Yeah thats right go drive a car!There was some kind of a statistic that when people are in a car, they speak a lot more plus you can get to drive a cool car for free!

16.Wine tasting
Its always fun to drink good wine for free.And the effect of the alcohol will help things get going.

17.Local dinner
Go to the local dinner,eat a good meal,drink some milk shakes (if you are lucky you will drink form one glass ;) ),maybe you can find some of your friends there which will make the evening more fun.

You can take the girl to a rock concert or whatever music she likes.There flirting is unavoidable!

19.Comedy club
A great place for a first date,of course if the club is really funny.And again you can arrange things to look like you are a very important guest or a good friend with the host.

20.Sport event
Find tickets for the big game and go with her.It will be fun,emotional and really social.

21.Kite flying
Take some kites from the store and go fly them,its always fun to do childish stuff.Plus you can try to make your kite tie to her`s,girls think things like that are signs of destiny.

22.moonlight walk(on the beach if there is one)
Walk on the beach,talk ,look at the star show her a few constellations and then...make out ;)

23.The Zoo
Go to the zoo,show her how much you love animals and how big your heart is!
first date ideas

Make a picnic in the park.All you need is a picnic basket fool of goods and of course don't forget the wine.

25.Boat cruise
Having dinner surrounded by the sea and the reflection of the stars,one of the most romantic spots I can think of.

26.Mini golf
Again a fun place where you can show skills and if you are lucky get to be close to her by showing the moves.

Same as the last .Just pick one where you are really good at.

28.Play pool
And again as the last two.

You can play games and really have fun,a good idea for a first date!

30.Dancing(salsa or whatever you can dance)
Its to impress her on her own field.Show her that you are a great dancer and she will be yours, afterall dancing is the closes thing to sex that is allowed ат public places.If you are impressive at it she might get curious ;)
first date ideas
31.Cooking class
Its really fun,allows you to create something together which will make you closer,plus you can learn something.

32.Fashion show
This can be a good date but I personally am not the biggest fan of it.Im just not interested in these type of shows,or at least not interested being there with a girl.

33.Movie premier
Find the last tickets to a premier of a long awaited movie.She will love the chance to watch it and brag in front of her girlfriends.Plus all the things i told you about going to the cinema.

34.Painting clasс
Another good chance to impress the girl and have fun.Its not a secret that girls dream for artistic guys,why don't show her you are exactly that?

35.Extreme sports
Show her your wild side by taking her to bungee ,parachute diving and things like that.Girls like extreme guys that can make their adrenalin go wild.

36.Dinner at your place
Now this isn't something that every girl would give her yes to.But if she accepts the invitation than its a sure thing!

37.Car cinema
Like the standard cinema but more intimate and privet.A good choice!

You know those tiny cars ,like F1 but big enough so you can hardly fit.Well they can be a great idea for a first date.Its a lot of fun and you can show your self as a gentleman by letting her beat you ;)

39.City tour
You will be surprised at how many great spots in your town you didn't know about.Its a good way to get to know each other and pick a place for the next date.

One thing can turn her on more than watching you lose your money with a smile,and thats wining money so both ways she will be ready for you ;)

41.Take her to the gym
Do you know why fitness instructors get laid all the time?Cause women love men that tell them what and how to do.So why don't you be the instructor this time?Also there is a theory that the body connects the workout with sex so the chicks get wild and what are the odds that she will pick a dumbbell instead of you?

42.Roof dinner
Have dinner on the roof of your block,drink good wine and watch the stars .And don't forget to put candles in your bedroom cause you will definitely be going there together ;)

43.A friend`s party
So one of your friends is throwing a party and you are invited.Just invite her with you and have fun!
first date ideas
44.Volunteer activities
Why don't show her your big heart by taking her to a fund raising event, a blood drive, etc.

45.Laser tag
Team up in exciting game of laser tag.It will be fun,a good memory and being in one team will get her feel safe with you.

46.TV tapings
Go to the tapings of your favorite TV show.This is always fun.

47.Helicopter/Plane tour
Its beautiful to look at the town form a plane or a helicopter and if she is afraid of highs she will hold on to you,getting you pretty close to each other.Great first date!

48.Karaoke club
A chance to show off your singing ability by singing her a romantic song.Plus its lots of fun laughing at all the other people singing. ;)

Go diving in the sea.You don't have to speak cause you simply can't and its more than beautiful when you get down there.
first date ideas
50.Haunted spots
You know that old "haunted" house every town has.Well take her there ,but first tell the story of that place (if there is none make one up).She will be terrifyed,but you being close will make her feel safe and protected in your arms.

These are my 50 dating ideas ,I hope that you find them interesting and that they will work for you.

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tropang_quickpick said...

This is a very exhaustive list of ideas for a first date! I love the moonlight walk, the concert and the dinner ideas. It's just so romantic. This is a good article for the men out there that are too lazy to think. I hope they can read this and give us a great time for the first and next dates to come!

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