Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Human Growth Hormone-HGH

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On the 5th of July 1990 the famous medical magazine "The New England Journal of Medicine" published an article which got the attention of health experts all around the globe .It is about a doctor named David Roodman from The Medical College of Wisconsin and how he applied HGH on 12 veterans from the war at Vietnam. They were between 61 and 81 years old. David Roodman published his incredible results in a very accessible way of writing: " After 6 months of taking Human Growth Hormone the effect equals 10-20 years of rejuvenation. The wrinkles disappeared, the muscles were regained, the sexual drive was so much higher that one of the veteran's wifes-15 years younger-complained that it's hard to keep up with her husband's libido!"

This information gave the start of a boom in the researching of Human Growth Hormone, it's effect on the process of aging has been analyzed by thousands of studies around the world. Even the US National Aging Research Institute (NARI) makes a huge 5 year research, in 9 different clinics, on the possibilities to slow or even stop aging trough HGH.

All those studies determined the effects of Human Growth Hormone on physiological phenomenons like:

  1. Stimulating of the immune system
  2. Dissolving fats
  3. Increasing muscle, strength and stamina levels
  4. Removing wrinkles
  5. Making skin healthy
  6. Improving mental alertness
  7. Increasing energy levels
  8. Lowering blood pressure
  9. Faster wound healing
  10. Higher male libido
  11. Better sleeping

After 6 months of using HGH the research participants showed a 8,8% muscle mass gain and 14,4% fats reduced without doing any diets or exercises!

The Human Growth Hormone also has stunning results with a number of diseases and conditions. A research in "Sahlgrenska hospital" in Sweden showed that in 328 patients with low HGH levels the heart disease deaths were two times higher than the deaths in a controlled group with normal hormone levels!

That and many other research conclusions made scientist sure that if there is a hormone that could stop the aging effect, that will be the Human Growth Hormone!

In our days the pharmaceutical companies offer many HGH products, but the one I always recommend is Provacyl. Its been 10 years now since Provacyl has been on the market and reactions of both scientist and people who use it have been great. Its is a 100% natural supplement containing a mix of herbs and other natural ingredients that reverse the effect of aging by boosting the hormonal levels in your body.

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complete genf20 plus review said...

HGH primarily tells our body what it has to do. It makes sure that our cells, bones and muscles carry on with regeneration at a good pace. When we are in our twenties, it still does the same job but a slower pace.

The HGH has an anabolic effect on our body, that it enhances our body’s metabolism. However, when HGH levels drop, there is a marked difference in the form of appearance of wrinkles, weaker immunity, age spots, fatigue, reduced energy, change in sleeping pattern, etc.

Jim said...

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Dario said...

Active exercisers and people who want to slow down the aging process know just how important human growth hormone (HGH) is. HGH production peaks in childhood and adolescence. In the 20s and 30s, its production slows down until it stops altogether.

When HGH production stops, the first signs of aging become obvious.

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