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Fitness and Weight Loss:Pilates

pilatesPilates was created by Joseph Pilates during World War I . It is beneficial for all. Many stars have started this fitness mantra and gained from it, so it has become one of the most popular forms of exercises. Pilates is effective in losing weight, reducing stress, energy boosting, making your spine flexible, improving blood circulation, increasing stamina and so on.

Pilates aims for the central part of the body (back, hips and abdomen area) and also increases the flexibility of the entire body. The exercise is done by lying on a mat and moving your arms and legs, which strengthens the tummy, back and hips.

What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

There are many similar things between Yoga and Pilates. But, the breathing is different for the two disciplines. In Pilates, you pull your stomach in, while in Yoga you allow it to expand with breath. While Pilates is about movement, Yoga involves holding of postures.

Are there any principles that are absolutely required to master Pilates?

Yes there are 6 must-know principles:
  1. Centering: Known as the large group of muscles in our center. Pilates exercises begin here and flow outwards.
  2. Precision: The goal is doing a focused and precise movement,so perfect that it comes to you natural.
  3. Control:Control all your muscles from the smallest group to the largest.
  4. Concentration:Be concentrated trough out all of the exercises until the movement becomes your second nature.
  5. Flowing Movement: Perfection over speed. None of the exercises are static. This is key to posture and suppleness.
  6. Breathing:Very important! In order to charge our bodies with oxygen. This awakens our body and prevents fatigue. Again, control is emphasised in breathing, both inhalation and exhalation. Co-ordinated with your body movement. Each pilates exercise is accompanied with instructions on the way you should breathe.

Pilates exercises are slow and a lot of concentration is required. The benefits of it are huge. The lung capacity is increased by deep breathing. Strength and flexibility is maximized, the bone density and muscles are developed. Balance of the body is maintained. There are lots of fitness courses on pilates taught by professional trainers. Find a trainer located near your home and commit to it NOW!

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