Monday, November 12, 2007

Best ways to suppress your appetite

Following a diet for some time will not bring you long term results. The key is in making your own food regimen and sticking to it.

Doesn't sound tough, you just need consistency and things will go just as you want them to.

So what is the thing that makes so many people fail? The number 1 reason is succumbing to those cravings and temptations of having a snack or something sweet (especially when everyone else around you is doing it ). So when hunger strikes you better have a good way to suppress your appetite.

In this post I will show you the best appetite suppressants .

Set a goal

The power of setting goals has been discussed many times in this blog, you can even find a post by the name Motivation:Setting Goals, in this case what you have to do is set a period of time- a week or two in which you will absolutely stick to your regimen, of course when that period ends set another one. It may not be the most crucial part of your success but it will surely not hurt.

"The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it"



Another well discussed topic in a series of posts, including 100 motivational quotes. The key here is every time you want to stuff your self with all the delicious goodies you use to eat, think about what you will gain by this regimen, how much happier the results will make you. Way happier than having a pizza... Think of the new confidence you will have, how much better you will feel not only for looking so good, but also for proving a point, the point that you can do anything you want if you really want it! Your mind can be the best appetite suppressant! Make sure you use it!
Most people fail, because they just don't realize how close they were to success.

Don't pity yourself

Yes, it will be hard! But there is no need to pity yourself and think about what you are depriving yourself from. And even if you brake your regimen once, don't get depressed cause it will ruin every thing. Learn from your mistake and imagine the picture when you do reach your goal.

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Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and don't even think of skipping it! This will just make you eat more at lunch and dinner.

Shop healthy

Read this list of foods you should avoid and make sure that when you go shopping you don't buy any of them, and if you still have some in your home, get rid of them!

Take appetite suppressants in the form of supplements

The best appetite suppressant is the Hoodia Gordoni plant. It is used in a few supplements, 100% natural and side effect free, it is absolutely recommendable. Such a supplement is ProShape RX. Besides the all natural ingredients ProShape has another strong point- it's herbalist and doctor endorsed. If you would like more information about it click here.

Those are the best appetite suppressant tips I can give you, and I'm 100% sure that if you follow them the cravings will no more be a problem for your weight loss nutrition regimen. And don't forget to eat often in small meals. Don't let your self starve, the point in appetite suppression isn't in helping you starve it is to help you eat as much as you need and not a meal more!

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CAP said...

I like your first 5 tips, but I disagree with the use of pills as an appetite suppreseant. I know that I advocate the use of vitamins which are also a pill, but I think of vitamins as a backup to ensuring we receive proper nutrition. A pill that is meant to suppress the appetite has to somehow "chemically" alter our body. Thank you for submitting your article to Fitness For Moms.

SSotirov said...

I dont agree that all the pills meant to suppress appetite alter our body "chemically".Thats why I pointed out that Proshape RX is 100% natural.You can check the ingredients by going on the homepage (the link is in the post) and clicking the "ingredients" section.The way I see them,they are natural :).Of course if you can take those herbs and plants in a raw form,not in a pill supplement it would be better,but most people cant find all of them and some dont really believe in the power of herbs,they prefer the pills so that tip will be useful for them.

tropang_quickpick said...

"Eat breakfast?" I thought that skipping breakfast can make one lose weight fast. Well, I'm intrigued to know that eating breakfast can actually suppress one's appetite. I love the other suggestions too. I want to try it and see its efficacy for real.

Anonymous said...

It's important to eat breakfast,not only to aid in weight management, but to supply energy for your brain to function properly and prevent low blood sugar episodes, which can cause binge eating!

SSotirov said...

Very true :)

Blogger said...

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