Saturday, October 20, 2007

What is your body type?

How should I train?

What should my diet be?

Why this works so great for him/her,but for me the effect is a big "0"?

These questions are very often for beginners, you asked them ,I asked them, everybody did.The truth is that there is no "perfect" method for developing the body of your dreams, its all very personal and depends on your body type. Of course each and every body is unique but there are 3 main types that make it easier for you to decide the way you train and eat.


Slender and thin, with long legs, hands and muscles. These people gain weight hard and lose it easy. They also have a very fast metabolism and no fats.

Work outs for ectomorphs-Short sessions, with short rests between the stes so you can stimulate the most growth hormone, also forget about cardio and aerobics.

Diet-eat high calorie foods ,and eat a lot! High protein and carbs is what you need.


With big and strong bones, considerable amounts of body fats and slow metabolism. No problem with gaining weight but keeping it lean muscles is the hard part.

Working out-The main thing is to increase your metabolic rate ,this you can again by a high intense work out,with short rests and a lot of reps.Also don't forget the cardio and aerobics.

Diet-Eat often but small meals so you can boost your metabolism. Make sure you eat meals that are low in fat and simple carbs but high in protein and fibers. Also drink lots of water!


The best genetics for gaining lean muscles mass- athletic and strong in nature, reacting great to work outs.

Work out- Hard with heavy weights- go hard since this body type is able to avoid overtraining much better than the other two. Do cardio from time to time to burn off the fats(if you have any)

Diet- High protein foods are the most important, also get you energy from complex carbs and unsaturated fats.

No matter the type of your body there is always a way to reach your goals. It all comes with time and persistence!

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