Saturday, October 27, 2007

What is Hoodia ?

hoodia plant
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Hoodia gordonii is a plant from Africa that has thrilled the weight-loss crowd . Is this the thing that could help millions of overweight people reach their ultimate goal? Maybe this is the magic pill the world is waiting for.

Let’s face it, the onslaught of fashion magazines and shows has drummed the perfect shape of a fit body into everybody’s brains. Everybody wants to be attractive just like the people on TV. And further more, having a normal body weigh will not only make you look good, but it will highly improve your general health. Seems that thanks to this South African plant achieving good looks and health is easier than ever.
From the sandy Kalahari Desert scientists and businessmen bring a cactus called Hoodia. Weight loss experts are strongly excited over the chances that this hunger curbing plant gave.

For many years the Kalahari bushmen ate Hoodia to keep hunger away during long hunting trips, journeys and in times of drought. And now thousands,no,millions of people living in the industrialized world are about to join them, as Hoodia-based pills are made available in the USA.

People high and low, from Hollywood stars to the every day man, everybody is willing to give Hoodia a chance. Many people have been fighting overweight all their lives and are interested in anything that promises fast and effective weight loss.

Oh and by the way according to the African bushmen Hoodia gordonii also has the effect of an afrodisiac and even other pleasurable effects. Nice!

One of the latest and most effective pills launched on the weight loss market is the ProShape RX. It contains Hoodia gordonii as its main ingredient, but it also contains a few more herbs known for aiding weight loss like green tea, chitosan and others. Besides the 100% natural ingredients ProShape has another strong point- its doctor and herbalist endorsed.  If you want to have a look at it, you should click here.

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therapydoc said...

I'll be honest. I'm watching this stuff and am worried about it. But I'll post you anyway in the Carnival of All Substances tomorrow. Stop on by.

Donna said...

Thumbs up for Hoodia :P


SSotirov said...

Hello Donna! Thanks for stopping by. Have you ever used hoodia?