Thursday, October 25, 2007

What About Supplements To Gain Weight and Muscle?

There is a lot of hype regarding over-the-counter supplements to gain weight and muscle.Are they worth it? Are they safe? If so, which ones should I take and which ones should I stay away from? I get these questions a lot.

There are definitely some supplements out there that are not only effective, but safe as well. But remember, they are called for a reason. They should only be used to supplement your weight gain diet. They are there to help you when your dieting to gain weight and weight training to build muscle mass.

cannot simply take supplements and expect it to do all the work! You have to do your part as well!

If there is one supplement that is found to be extremely beneficial and helpful it's Whey Protein. Let's face it, eating up to 6 meals a day is pretty time consuming.We don't always have time to make a full meal big enough to get all the protein we need. Making a Whey Protein Shake is a great way to save time and still get your daily amounts of calories and protein.

Nature's Best makes the most efficient and best taking Whey Protein called Isopure.

But always keep in mind that supplements do not make or break your weight gain goals.You can still build muscle and gain weight without supplements. They are only there to make help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

Special thanks to David Di Cristo for this great guest post!

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