Monday, October 1, 2007

List of 10 foods you should avoid!

A list of all those foods that are hard to resist but have a very negative impact on your health.



Around 60% fats, 30% sucrose and a trough the roof glycemic index-this can't go with any diet!

How can you substitute it?

Protein bars, they leave you satisfied, have the taste of chocolate and are rich in protein. Some companies don't even add sucrose to the bars, they substitute it with fructose or stevia.

2.Ice cream

Around 30% fats ,20% sucrose, kills important bacterias in the stomach micro flora and has a high glycemic index.

How can you substitute it?

Diabetic low fat ice cream will do the job.

3.Potato Chips
Chips is so caloric it's like fuel. It contains 35% fats, 65% carbs and minimum 550 calories in 100 grams.
It was used by the American Indians to help them through their hunt thanks to the fact it is light and easy to carry but contains a high amount of calories, it also has a high glycemic index.

How can you substitute it?

Baked potato chips would be a good substitute.


Another Indian recipe, used again for aiding them in hunt, and once again 550 calories in 100 grams, 30% fats and 60% carbs.

Unfortunately there is nothing similar which you can use as an alternative.

Around 30% sucrose, 10% fats and a high glycemic index, the big problem here is that one shake is never enough...


Protein shake with a ball of diabetic low calorie ice cream.

6.Sodas (containing sugar)

Around 15% sucrose, high glycemic index and carbon dioxide that kills the stomach micro flora and disturbs the tone of your stomach muscles. This means soda = no abs.

How can i substitute it?

Isotonic drinks-they give you a bunch of great minerals and are refreshing.

7.Instant ramen and cup noodles

What makes ramen so bad is the manufacture process ( deep fried ) and the high amounts of fat, sodium, preservatives and mono sodium glutamate. Cup noodles are even worse since they have more fats and sugar. This makes ramen and cup noodles bad for your heart, eyes, blood pressure, cholesterol and your general appearance ( since sodium tends to keep water in your body, which will make you look bloated and also slow down your metabolism).

8.Dry meats(jerk,flat sausage etc.)

Unknown sell-by date, unknown age of meat, there was a case a year ago in Bulgaria in which there was some 18 year old meat from England caught on the Bulgarian border, imagine if you put some of that in to your body... even if you survive your diet will be over... plus dry meats contain a lot of fats, salt and preservatives.


Fresh meat fillets, steamed meat bites or fried liver.


They give you a feeling you are satisfied ...for as long as 30 mins. Than you go buy another one and another one, and before you know it you ate 400 calories and your still hungry plus it contains 70% carbs, 10% fats and a lot of sugar.

No substitutes!

Around 25% saccharose, this is a calorie bomb! Just forget about it!

How can i substitute it?

With low-carb ketchup souse for diabetics.

A good way to keep your self away from the temptation of these foods is using an appetite suppressant. The one I would recommend is the 100% natural ProShape RX. Those Hoodia Gordonii (which is an South African plant that is the best known natural appetite suppressant) based pills seem to make dieting easy as 2+2.

Now I suggest you print this post and put it next to your shopping list or in your wallet to remind you when you are in the grocery store!

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tropang_quickpick said...

The list are the whole list of my favorites! My heart sank when I saw the whole line of foods that one should avoid. But, of course health is more important than anything else. Thank you so much for also presenting the alternatives, at least it lifted me out of my sad mood.

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