Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Test:Is Italian kitchen bad for your health?

The Italian kitchen is full of variety. Sea products, sauces, exotic spices, many types of cheese. But it is famous worldwide with the pizza and pasta.

The dough products named "pasta" are 2 types- sack and fresh. Sack are the spaghetti ,macaroni ,farfalle etc.Fresh are lasagna and tagliatelle. There is also pasta with filling like the ravioli. All types of pasta are made from durum. Experts say that both pasta and pizza are low calorie ,that have a balanced amount of carbs and protein. The health problems don't come from the actual pasta or pizza, they come from everything that is added in to the sauces and fillings. This test is very important for people with weight problems or high cholesterol levels.

italian kitchen
Is Italian kitchen bad for your health?

1)How often is Italian food in your weekly menu?

A-Every day 3pts
B-1-2 times weekly-2pts
C-1-2 times in 2 weeks-1pts

2)What types of pizza do you prefer?

B-Every type-3pts
C-I don't eat pizza-1pts

3)What amount of oil does a portion of spaghetti need?

A-1-2 spoonfuls-2pts
B-more than 2 spoonfuls-3pts
C-Not more than 1 spoonful-1pts

4)What amount of cheese do you add to your spaghetti?

A-50-100 grams-2pts
B-More than 100 grams-3pts
C-I don't add cheese-1pts

5)What amount of pasta do you want to have in your portion?

A-Depends on how hungry I am-2pts
B-200-300 grams-3pts
C-around 100 grams-1pts

6)What proportions dough to meat products do you think is best?

B-1:2 in favor of the meat products-3pts
C-1:0,5 or less in favor of the dough products-1pts

7)What pizza size do you prefer?


8)How many of these sauces and spices do you add to your pasta or pizza: Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Chili, Salt, Pepper, other sauces?

A-2-3 of them-2pts
B-All of them-3pts
C-None of them-1pts

9)When do you add them to your pizza or pasta?

A-Every time-3pts

10)Do you have high blood pressure attacks(hypertonic crisis)?

A-Yes,1-2 times per month-2pts

11)Do you feel your liver heavy?

C-I'm not sure-2pts

12)Have you ever had problems with the gall?

C-I don't know-2pts

13)Have you ever felt pain in your toes, not caused by trauma or physical work?

А-Yes,in recent times it gets stronger-3pts
B-Yes,a couple of times in the years-2pts

14)Does your stomach swell after meal?

A-Yes,every time no matter the amount of food I eat-3pts
B-Only if I eat a lot-2pts

That's it now take the points from the answers you gave and add them up to see your score

14 pts-You can enjoy Italian kitchen without worrying about your health, seems it will not have a negative effect on you!

15-35 pts-For you Italian food could be a good source of carbs and protein, and could also have a positive effect on your digestion but be careful with the sauces and fats, they might cause you gall problems!

36+ pts-Italian kitchen could cause you higher cholesterol level and blood pressure, all the strong spices and heavy sauces lead to liver problems, especially when overeating!

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