Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Test:How much do you know about smoking

This is the second edition of the Friday Test.This time the system is not going to be by points,there will only be 1 correct answer.

One of my most popular posts is stop smoking .This is a very important topic so i decided to make a test about it,its recommended that you read the post before you try the test.
So how much do you really know about smoking?

1)If you are a smoker for many years,and quit today,after 10-20 non smoking years your risk of heart attack will be...

a)Same as when you quit

b)Same as you had never smoked

c)25% lower than when you quit

d)50% lower than a smoker

2)Which of the following is the most effective way to quit smoking?

a)Cutting them down slowly

b)Stopping them at once

c)Using mind methods like hypnosis

d)Attending a nicotine replacement therapy ,or nicotine patches like ZeroNico

3)What % of smokers say that they want to quit it?





4)The number of smoking related deaths worldwide is set to...

a)decrease fast

b)decrease slow

c)keeping a steady level


5)Which answer best decribes the dangers of passive smoking?

a)Passive smoking has been proven to cause a wide range of illnesses

b)It is not proven that passive smoking can cause harms

c)It harms children, but doesnt harm adults

d)Passive smoking rises a persons risk of heart diseases

6)Which diseases smoking doesnt affect?

a)Heart disease

b)Peripheral vascular disease

c)Bladder cancer

d)Parkinson`s disease

7)Which of the following smoking statements is false?

a)Smoking is the reason for 80% of lung cancer deaths

b)Smoking causes earlier menopause in women

c)Smokers lose their sense of smell

d)The richer you are the more you smoke

8)Which groups of ages are more likely to smoke




d)32 or older

9)Which of these substances are found in the smoke of cigarettes




d)All of them

The Answers:

1)-b)-The risk of heart attack is the same as you have never smoked

2)-d)-Nicotine therapy and patches like ZeroNic tend to double the chances of quiting smoking


4)-d)-Unfortunately the worldwide rates of deaths due to smoking are increasing

5)-a)-It is proven that passive smoking causes illness

6)-d)-Smoking doesnt affect the risk of Parkinson`s disease

7)-d)-It is false that when you are richer you smoke more

8)-b)-People from 20-26 are most likely to smoke

9)-d)-All of those chemicals plus hundreds more are found in cigarette smoke

This was the second edition Friday Test i hope you found it useful

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