Monday, October 29, 2007

Fitness:Push ups

I doubt that there is an exercise so simple and yet so useful for the upper body, as the push ups.
Most people underestimate them,but push ups are actually a key element in the chest work out. You can use them for warm up,you can use them for pumping blood in the muscle after work out or you can just use them as a main exercise.In combination with weight lifting,push ups can bring you huge results,also they are good for people that cant afford the time and money to go to the gym,cause they are very simple to do and don't call for anything else except your arms.And after all you are browsing the internet so i assume you do have arms.

You can always change the way you stand or how your hands are placed for more pressure on different parts of your chest and triceps.The muscles that mostly take the load are chest and triceps,the shoulder,abs and coax are supporting.

Basic things to keep an eye for while doing push ups:

Your fingers have to be pointing forward.Dont let your heels stay apart of each other.The body should be stretched out.The had has to point ahead,pick something to look at in front of you.

Go down until your chest touches the ground,than go up until your arms stretch in the elbows.

When going down breath in,when going up breath out.

The movement is in the hands,and only in the hands.Dont move your pelvis,knees or waist.

When you are down,dont relax even for a second!

Types of push ups:

Push ups with arms wide open
This is like the normal push up but you open your hands more,it will take pressure from your triceps and put it on your chest.The finger have to point out.

Push ups with narrow stride(diamond)
Pressure the triceps and the inner chest.Your hands have to be so close that your thumbs and index fingers touch and form a diamond.Dont go lower than 15cm (5.9 in).

One handed push ups
This is the toughest type of push ups so its not for beginners.The big pressure is on the elbows and triceps so don't do them unless you have warmed up .All the load is on one hand,and because its hard to balance the muscles around the rotator cuff also take part.
From the normal push up position take your left leg aside,and your left hand behind your back and work with the left. Don't go lower than 15 cm(5.9 in)

Plyometric push ups
Another push up that is not recommended for beginners.It builds strength and explosiveness.
The position is for the normal push ups.You lower and than you rapidly rise so that your hands separate from the floor.Some people do it by clapping in the air.This is rather motivational,you motivate your self to jump high enough so you can clap 2 times or as much as you will.At the beginning do it with out clapping.Dont work this type of push ups to often cause it holds a higher risk for injuries.

Knee push upsIts like the normal push up but you stand on your knees. Its easier, primary for beginners. But it could also be used at the end, when you are to exhausted to do a full normal push up.

Push ups are a great work out, than can help you build strength and mass.I ts best that you do as much reps as you can.You can also use push ups in super series, before work out, after work out. Anyway they will not hurt, they can only help you. I leave the way you use them to you and your imagination.

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Thank you for posting the video here, it's usually difficult to picture out how right push-ups are made when it is only read on the page and not demonstrated. Your video provided me with the right picture on how to do it. I want to keep a healthy body so as to get a healthy spirit as well.