Sunday, October 7, 2007

Aerobic and Anaerobic-Whats the difference ?

The terms "aerobic" and "anaerobic" are very commonly found in articles about fitness and weight loss, but my personal experience shows me that not many people know the difference between the two and also when and how to do each. So lets analyze and answer those questions.

Aerobic workout
An aerobic workout is a steady pace workout which involves a lot of endurance. It is called aerobic because a lot of oxygen is used by your organism. Aerobic exercises are jogging,spinning,jumping,biking etc.

Anaerobic workout
anaerobic workout
A highly intensity workout without any notable intake of air. The muscle cells contract without using oxygen or at least they don't depend on it.'This anaerobic movement leaves residual molecules which cause the muscles to be tired. This causes us to feel our body weaker and causes the need of rest between sets.

Where do most people get confused?

OK, so now that the difference between aerobic and anaerobic workout is clear theoretically,  where is the problem?

The problem comes from the fact that some times it is hard to know which one of them you are doing, for instance you may think jumping a rope is aerobic but if you are very intense it will make the cells turn to an anaerobic mode. So it's a key moment that you set realistic goals and not try to make the exercises too intense when you are not in the condition for it. As soon as you feel your muscles are getting tired stop or reduce the pace.

How to use them in combination?

Its clear that an aerobic workout can be useful for weight loss by it self, but for gaining muscle you can't use anaerobic alone, you will not reach maximum effect.

The best way to use the in a combination is to warm up with aerobics for 10-20 min, and than proceed with the anaerobic workout.

Knowing the difference between aerobic and anaerobic workout is one of the most important things in bodybuilding and weight loss, but there is a lot more to it. Some topics are discussed here others are soon to be, but one thing is certain you can never know everything, so don't quit on your hunt for knowledge, even the most popular fitness gurus are still learning new things !

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