Friday, September 7, 2007

Water and its effect on the human body:Drinking water during workouts

drinking water
Its of key importance to keep your body well hydrated during training,even if you are like me and dont get thirsty during your workouts you should aways have a bottle of water with you and while you are resting between sets take a small gulp.Not doing that will strongly decrease the effect of your training,it will make the exercise harder and could lead to serious injuries.Thats because the water helps the protection of internal organs,lubricates the the joints,regulates the body temperature and helps the muscles receive the needed nutrition.

But there is also another side of this coin.If you drink too much water you can harm you self.Which could result in death!This condition is called hyponatremia,the kidneys cant process the water and the sodium concentration in the plasma falls below 135mmol/L.Typical symptoms are nausea , vomiting , headache and malaise .As it worses you become confused , dizzy ,your reflexes are slower .

So be careful!It is important to drink water during your work out sessions but if you do it the right way,step-by-step as i told you drink a gulp or two during your rest between sets that should be enough to help you body without risking the hyponatremia.

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