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Im going to call the following exercises test ,but you better call them experiments.All of them are design to lead your subject in to a state ready for hypnosis .

Test of the imaginationTell the subject to stand with his/her feet together and arms outstretched toward you with hands extended and palms facing downward. The subject's arms should be parallel with each other. Tell the subject to look at his outstretched arms and make sure that they are parallel and absolutely level with each other.

What you say next?

Next, cue the subject by telling her, close your eyes down tight....shutting out the light. I am going to count from three down to one. When I reach one, I want you to picture that a heavy weight is tied to your right hand, drawing it down toward the floor.


Picture a heavy weight tied to your right hand, drawing it down toward the floor. It gets heavier and heavier and is pulling your hand down toward the floor.If your subjects right hand dosent move down do it again, and again until it dose.

What you say next?

Now I want you to picture a balloon filled with helium gas tied to your left wrist, pullingit high up in the air. Your left hand and arm are being pulled up higher and higher up in the air. Your right wrist pulling down...down...down toward the floor and your left wrist lighter...and lighter being pulled up, up, up in the air.
Now open your eyes, and look at your arms!
Thats it you probably get the picture,left arm up right arm down.Keep doing it until you succeed.

Now ask if your subject would want another experiment.

Hypnosis and Balance
For this experiment or test, I want you to again have your subject standing facing you.Tell him to put his feet together and stand straight up. Tell him to close his eyes and tilt his head back as if he were looking up at the ceiling.He should be standing straight with his head tilted back and eyes closed but pointed toward the ceiling.

What you say next?

I want you to imagine that you can look through your closed eyes and visualize a spot on the ceiling above. Imagine that you are staring at that spot. As you are staring at that spot I want you to breathe deeply and relax as you did in the last exercise. You will begin to feel an urge to start swaying back and forth. You begin to start swaying back and forth. I will be here to catch you if you fall too far backward. You begin to sway back ward into my arms. You are falling back, falling back, and falling backward into my arms.
Do it until your subject falls in your arms.

Those are the pre-hypnosis experiments that you have to do before you actually begin the act of hypnotizing.And about the act i will soon post the real deal.

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