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Having corns? 4 recpies for removing it!

Having corns is a very uncomfortable problem. It could really make hurt your self esteem by not allowing you to walk normally. Here are 4 natural recipes that don't contain any expensive solutions. If nature can help there is no point in wasting hard earned cash right?

So without any delay, after all I dont want to waste your time, I give you the 4 recipes for removing corns:

Plantin a.k.a Plantago major

Put on the corn a leaf from plantin and tie it with plaster or some bandage, leave it like that for the night and if the morning you are not corn free make a new one and stay with it during the day if it is possible.
This is a very effective recipe cause the plantin has anti-inflammatory and strengthening effect.

Lemon rind and hot water

To remove an old and nasty corn you have to soak your feet in hot water before you go to bed and patch some lemon rind to the corn.
In the morning take it off and in the evening put it on again. Do it for 3-4 days and then soak your feet in hot water and salt again and remove the corn with disinfected scissors, pumice or pedicure brush.
Don't follow the recipe blindly if the skin is soft enogh you can remove the corn earlier.

Camomile and sodium bicarbonate bath

Another way to heal old corns is to soak your feet in warm (not hot!) water with camomile and sodium bicarbonate for 20-25 min. The sodium's effect is to soften the skin and the camomile's is anti-inflammatory. If the corn is young you can make the bath only with camomile.

And the last recipe and maybe most effective but uncomfortable is :

Onion and vinegar

Cut 1 onion head in half and pour vinegar on it. Then leave it in a warm place for 24 hours. After those 24 hours take the onion and rub the corn, just a little should be enough. Do it twice a day-morning and evening.
The vinegar that you soak the onion in opens the corn and restores the skin. Also the onion contains biologically active substances that destroy the morbific organisms and lessens the inflammatory of the feet caused by the corn. But why do I recommend it in last place?
The onion causes very unpleasant pinching and the smell is well...awful.

These are the 4 recipes I recommend for removing corns. Use them and you will be corn free without any costly solutions .

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