Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Test:How fall affects your health.

The Friday Test is new to this blog.From now on every Friday there will be a health test for you.The first edition is about the effects of fall on your health.

Fall is the time of year in which your body is readjusting it self from the summer heats to the winter colds.Sometimes its easy,other times its hard.In the first case your organism is more ready for the winter,in the second you are more vulnerable to the diseases of the cold season.Also during fall can activate some chronic conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys,the urinogenital system and even the heart.

It is also possible for fall to provoke mental disorders like depression.

Influence on whether you are in a treat also has the medical history of a person for the past year:
diseases suffered from,poisonings,stress,inadequate summer rest etc.

Use this test to make it clear for your self:
1)From when do you have a cough?A-not before long- 2pts

B-long time ago-3pts

C-I dont have any- 1pts

2)You sneeze a lot?

A-In recent days-2pts

B-In recent weeks-3pts

C-I dont sneeze-1pts

3)What causes your sneeze?

A-I dont know-2pts

B-One of the following:allergies,colds,dust,polluted air-3pts

C-I told you already I DONT SNEEZE-1pts

4)How many times did you suffer from flu diseases this summer?

A-Couple of times-3pts


C-Not even once-1pts

5)Did you have diarrhea problems in the last couple of months?

A-All the time-3pts



6)Is your constipation getting worst?

A-Never had one-1pts

B-Yes it gets worst in recent times-3pts

C-Its the same-2pts

7)What types of food cause pain in your stomach:1-vegetables,2-heavy meats,3-fats,4-sour products?
A-I dont have problems whit any of them-1pts

B-2 or 3 of them could cause pain in my stomach-2pts

C-All of them-3pts

8)When do you have painful acids in your stomach?

A-All the time-3pts

B-Never-1 pts

C-When i eat something cooked with fats,other food products or when i am mad-2pts

9)You started to do a sport in the beginning of spring after stopping for:

A-1 month-1pts

B-More than a month-3pts

C-I dont do any sports-2pts

10)Do you feel tightening in the heart area during cold waves?



C-Im not sure-2pts

11)Do you suffer from chronic inflammation of:1-the kidneys,2-the bladder,3-prostate,4-the ovary(ovaritis),5-any other internal organs?

A-Yes at least for 2 organs-2pts

B-3 of them-3pts


12)You cant sleep?

A-Its hard to fall asleep-2pts

B-Often I wake up in the early hours and/or feel tired after waking up-3pts

C-I dont have any problems sleeping-1pts

13)Dose fall affect your mood?

A-It depresses me heavily-3pts

B-Not at all-1pts

C-I feel bad that the summer has ended but there are also things that make me feel good during spring-2pts

14)Were the last couple of months hard for you?

A-Very,very hard-3pts

B-Well they were as hard as any other periods-2pts

C-No,in fact they were very good-1pts
15)During your vacation you did

A-Extreme sports and/or movement, and/or stay in the nature,things that I cant do in the other time-3pts

B-Active resting with no unnecessary movement-1pts

C-I didnt had any rest or vacation-2pts

Thats all combine the points that come after the each answer you gave to the questions.
The results:
Congrats-You have nothing to worry about!


You have some problems with your immune system,dont rush from doing nothing to active sporting,better sport little but every day.If your emotional problems continue ,dont let your guard down cause the depression is right around the corner.Consult your doctor and psychiatrist.

over 38pts
You are in a big treat of emotional and body problems due to exhaustion of your organism.Eat balanced and please consult you doctor!

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