Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fitness:Making your first steps

So far in this blog we have talked about some very important issues like warming up and how long you should rest , assuming you are already somewhat experienced.But I have completely forgotten about those of you who are yet to start building muscle or power .So guess its time to give you some attention two right?

OK this is a fitness schedule made for total newbies it includes exercise for every muscle group. And dont forget use the gym instructor.
Training days:
  1. Monday-Train
  2. Tuesday-Rest
  3. Wednesday-Train
  4. Thursday-Rest
  5. Friday-Train
  6. Saturday-Rest
  7. Sunday-Rest
This is what you do in your sessions:

First of all WARM UP using the tips I have provided you in with in my post about warming up.
In short:

Make aerobics and cardio until you break some sweat than before you start to do every exercise with your maximum weights do 2 sets with 60 and 80% of the weights and more reps.
  1. Lat pull down machine-3x15
  2. Lateral raises-3x12
  3. Machine compound row-3x15
  4. Machine rear delt-3x12
  5. Triceps extension machine-2x15
  6. Leg curls-3x25
  7. Leg extension-3x25
Work out like that 3 times a week 6 weeks.Focus on the technique and letting your body adjust to the pressure.

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