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Fitness:How long should i rest between my sets?

resting between sets
Many pro body builders and fitness gurus describe their training day in big details but all of them dont speak about one thing.A thing that is very underestimated.That thing is how long should you rest between your sets.The truth is that the amount of rest between sets has a huge effect on the results of your training.

Its almost impossible to reach your full potential in both body building and power lifting at the same time.So assuming you already know in which direction you are headed i will speak about them in parallel so to say.

Power Lifting
You have to rest from 2 to 10 min.
One of the most extreme examples for power lifters is Paul Anderson.His rest was around 30 min after his sets.This way of training allowed Paul to gain 50 kilos on his massive figure and also to become the world and olympic champ in weight lifting.But you have to know that besides that he gained also a big amount of fats that dosent matter in weight lifting but surely will not make your body beautiful .In conclusion power lifter's rest should not be less than 2 mins and should not make sessions longer than 30 sec.

Body Building
You have to rest from 20 to 100 sec.
A experiment has been made with 4 groups,using programs with standard exercises .
These are their programs:
1.5 reps with 1 min rest.
2.5 reps with 3 min rest.
3.10 reps with 1 min rest.
4.10 reps with 3 min rest.

The research showed that only the third group(10 reps 1 min rest)had its level of growth hormone raised and its muscle tissue has grown.So in conclusion if your goal is big muscle with as little fat as it can you better forget about huge weights and long rest.Thats one of the ironies of fitness-lesser weights will make you look stronger.

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